Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)



The waters diminishing by litle and litle, 6. Noe sendeth forth a crow, 8. after him a doue, thrise: 18. lastly goeth forth with al that were with him in the arke. 20. erecteth an Altar, and offereth Sacrifice.
1. And God remembred Noe, and al the beasts, and al the cattle, which were with him in the arke, and brought a winde vpon the earth, and the waters decreased.
2. And the fountaines of the depth, and the floud gates of heauen, were shut vp: and the rayne from heauen was stayd.
3. And the waters returned from the earth going & comming: and they begane to decrease after a hundred fiftie dayes.
4. And the arke rested the seauenth moneth, the seauen & twentith day of the moneth vpon the mountaines of Armenia.
5. But the waters for al that were going and decreasing vntil the tenth moneth: for in the tenth moneth, the first day of the moneth, the topps of the mountaines appeared.
6. And after that fourtie dayes were passed, Noe opening the windowe of the arke, which he had made, let forth a crowe:
7. which went forth, and did not returne, til the waters were dried vpon the earth.
8. He sent forth also a doue after him, to see if the waters were ceased yet vpon the face of the earth.
9. Which finding not where her foote might rest, returned to him into the arke: for the waters were vpon the whole earth: and he stretched forth his hand, and caught her and brought her into the arke.
10. And hauing expected yet seauen moe dayes, againe he let forth a doue out of the arke.
11. But she came to him at euentide, carrying a bough of an oliue tree, that had greene leaues in her mouth. Noe therfore vnderstood that the waters were ceased vpon the earth.
12. And he expected yet neuertheles other seauen dayes: and he sent forth a doue, which returned not any more vnto him.
13. Therfore in the sixt hundred and one yeare, the first moneth, the first day of the moneth the waters were cleane diminished vpon the earth: and Noe opening the roofe of the arke, looked, and sawe that the face of the earth was dried.
14. In the second moneth, the seuen & twentyth day of the moneth the earth was dried.
15. And God spake to Noe, saying:
16. Goe forth of the arke, thou & thy wife, thy sonnes and the wiues of thy sonnes with thee.
17. Al cattle, that are with thee of al flesh, as wel in foules, as in beastes, & al creepers, that creepe vpon the earth, bring out with thee, & goe yee vpon the earth: increase and multiplie vpon it.
18. Noe therfore went forth, and his sonnes: his wife, and the wiues of his sonnes with him.
19. Yea and al cattle, beastes, and creepers that crepe vpon the earth, according to their kinde, went forth out of the arke.
20. And Noe built an Altar to our Lord: and taking of al cattle and foules, that were cleane, offered Holocausts vpon the Altar.
21. And our Lord smelled a sweete sauour, and said: I wil no more curse the earth for men: for the sense and cogitation of mans hart are prone to euil from their youth: I wil no more therfore strike euerie liuing soule as I haue done.
22. Al the dayes of the earth, seedtime and haruest, cold and heate, sommer and winter, night and day shal not rest.