Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)



Wicked Cain killeth holie Abel. 9. whose bloud cryeth for reuenge. 11. Cain a cursed vagabond, 17. hath much issue. 25. Adam also hath Seth, and Seth Enos.
1. And Adam knewe Eue his wife: who conceiued and brought forth Cain, saying: I haue gotten a man through God.
2. And againe she brought forth his brother Abel. And Abel was a shepehard, & Cain a husbandman.
3. And it befel after manie dayes that Cain offred of the fruites of the earth giftes to our Lord.
4. Abel also offred of the first begotten of his flocke, and of their fat: and our Lord had respect to Abel, & to his giftes.
5. But to Cain, and to his giftes he had not respect: & Cain was exceeding angrie, and his countenance abated.
6. And our Lord said to him: Why art thou angrie? and why is thy countinance fallen?
7. If thou doe wel, shalt thou not receiue againe: but if thou doest il, shal not thy sinne forthwith be present at the dore? but the lust therof shal be vnder thee, and thou shalt haue dominion ouer it.
8. And Caine said to Abel his brother: Let vs goe forth abroad. And when they were in the filde, Caine rose vp against his brother Abel, and slewe him.
9. And our Lord said to Cain: Where is Abel thy brother? Who answered: I know not: am I my brothers keper?
10. And he said to him: What hast thou done? the voice of thy brothers bloud crieth to me out of the earth.
11. Now therfore cursed shalt thou be vpon the earth, which hath opened her mouth, & receiued the bloud of thy brother at thy hand.
12. When thou shalt til it, it shal not yeld to thee her fruite: a roag and vagabound shalt thou be vpon the earth.
13. And Cain said to our Lord: Myne iniquitie is greater, then that I may deserue pardon.
14. Loe thou doest cast me out this day from the face of the earth, and from thy face shal I be hid, and I shal be a vagabound & fugitiue on the earth: euerie one therfore that findeth me, shal kil me.
15. And our Lord said to him: No, it shal not so be: but whosoeuer shal kil Cain, shalbe punished seauen fould. And our Lord put a marke on Cain, that whosoeuer found him should not kil him.
16. And Cain went forth from the face of our Lord, and dwelt as a fugitiue on the earth at the east side of Eden.
17. And Cain knewe his wife, who conceiued, and brought forth Enoch: And he built a citie, & called the name therof by the name of his sonne, Enoch.
18. Moreouer Enoch begat Irad, and Irad begat Mauiael, and Mauiael begat Mathusael, and Mathusael begat Lamech.
19. Who tooke two wiues, the name of the one was Ada, and the name of the other Sella.
20. And Ada brought forth Iabel, who was the father of them that dwel in tents, and of heardsmen.
21. And his brothers name was Iubal: he was the father of them that sing on harpe & organes.
22. Sella also brought forth Tubalcain, who was a hammerer & worker in al worke of brasse & iron. And the sister of Tubalcain was Noema.
23. And Lamech said to his wiues Ada and Sella: Heare my voice ye wiues of Lamech, harken to my talke: for I haue slaine a man to the wounding of my selfe, and a stripeling to mine owne drie blowe brewsing.
24. Seuenfould vengeance shal be taken of Cain: but of Lamech seuentie times seuen fould.
25. Adam also knewe his wife again: and she brought forth a sonne, and called his name Seth, saying: God hath giuen me other seede for Abel, whom Cain slewe.
26. But to Seth also was borne a sonne, whom he called Enos, this man began to inuocate the name of our Lord.