Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)



1. ABRAM therfore ascended out of Ægypt, he and his wife, and al that he had, and Lot with him to the south coast.
2. And he was very rich in possession of gold and siluer.
3. And he returned by the way, that he came, from the south vnto Bethel, euen to the place where before he had pitched a tabernacle betwen Bethel and Hay:
4. in the place of the altar which he had made before, and there he called vpon the name of our Lord.
5. But Lot also that was with Abram, had flocks of sheepe, and heards of beasts, and tents.
6. Neyther was the land able to receiue them, for to dwel togeather: for their substance was much, and they could not dwel togeather.
7. Wherupon also there arose strife amongst the heardsmen of Abram and of Lot. And that time the Chananite and the Pherisite dwelled in that countrie.
8. Abram therfore said to Lot: Let there be no brawle I beseech thee betwen me and thee, and betwen my heardsmen, and thy heardsmen: for we be brethren.
9. Behold the whole land is before thee: goe aparte from me, I pray thee: if thou wilt goe to the left hand, I wil take the right: if thou choose the right hand, I wil passe to the left.
10. Lot therfore lifting vp his eyes, sawe al the countrie about Iordaine, which was watered through out before that our Lord subuerted Sodome and Gomorre, as the paradise of our Lord, and like as Ægypt as men come vnto Segor.
11. And Lot chose vnto him the countrie about Iordaine, and he departed from the East: and they were seperated either brother from the other.
12. Abram dwelt in the land of Chanaan: and Lot abode in the townes, that were about Iordaine, and dwelt in Sodome.
13. And the men of Sodome were verie wicked, and sinners before the face of our Lord out of measure.
14. And our Lord said to Abram, after that Lot was seperated from him: Lyft vp thyn eyes, and looke from the place, wherin thou now art, to the north and south, to the east and west.
15. Al the land, which thou seest, wil I geue to thee, & to thy seed for euer.
16. And I wil make thy seede as the dust of the earth: if any man be able to number the dust of the earth, thy seede also shal he be able to number.
17. Arise and walke through the land in the length, and in the breath therof: for I wil geue it to thee.
18. Abram therfore remouing his tent, came, and dwelt beside the vale of Mambre, which is in Hebron: and he builded there an altar to our Lord.