Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Epistle of Saint Pavl to the Philippians

Hauing signified that he vseth to thanke God for their vertue, 9. and also to pray for their increase; 12. he certifieth them (for their confirmation & comfort) what good was come through his trouble at Rome, 24. & that he doubteth not (though he rather desire martyrdom) but to come againe vnto them, 27. exhorting them to liue as they ought to doe, 28. and namely not to shrinke for persecution.
1. PAVL and Timothee the seruants of Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ Christ; to al the Saints in Christ Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ that are at Philippi, with the Bishops and Deacons.
Bishops and Priests alwaies distinct function.
Wicleffe and other Heretikes would proue by this that Priests are not here named; & for that there could not be many Bishops of this one towne, that there is no difference betwixt a Bishop and a Priest, which was the old heresie of Aerius, of which matter, *in other places. For this present it is enough to know that in the Apostles time there were not obserued alwaies proper distinct names of either function, as they were quickly afterward, though they were alwaies diuers degrees & distinct functions. See S. Chrysostom, Oecumenius, Theophylactus, and the rest of the Gracians vpon this place.
* See Annot. Tit. 1. v. 5.
Bishops and Deacons.
2. Grace to you and peace from God our Father, and our Lord Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ Christ.
3. I giue thankes to my God in al memorie of you
(4. The Epistle vpon the 22. Sunday after Pentecost. alwaies in al my praiers for al you, with ioy making petition)
5. for your communicating in the Ghospel of Christ from the first day vntil now.
6. trusting this same thing, that he which hath begun in you a good worke, wil perfit it vnto the day of Christ Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ.
7. As it is reason for me, this to thinke for al you, for that I haue you in hart, & in my bands, and in the defense, and the confirmation of the Ghospel, al you to be partakers of my ioy.
8. For God is my witnes, how I couet you al in the bowels of Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ Christ.
9. And this I pray, that your charitie may more and more abound in knowledge and in al vnderstanding:
10. that you may approue the better things, that you may be sincere and without offence vnto the day of Christ,
11. replenished with the fruit of iustice by Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ Christ, vnto the glorie and praise of God.
12. And I wil haue you know, Brethren, that the things about me are come to the more furtherance of the Ghospel:
13. so that my bands were made manifest in Christ in al the court, and in al the rest,
14. that many of our Brethren in our Lord, hauing confidence in my bands, were bold more aboundantly without feare to speake the word of God.
15. Some indeed euen for enuie and contention: but some also for good wil preach Christ.
16. Some of charitie: knowing that I am set vnto the defence of the Ghospel.
17. And some of contention preach Christ not sincerely: supposing that they raise affliction to my bands.
18. But what? So that by al meanes, whether by occasion, or by truth, Christ be preached: in this also I reioyce, yea & wil reioyce.
19. For I know that this shal fal out to me vnto saluation by your praier and the subministration of the Spirit of Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ Christ,
20. according to my expectation & hope; because in nothing shal I be confounded, but in al confidence as alwaies, now also shal Christ be magnified in my body, whether is be by life, or by death.
21. For vnto me, to liue is Christ: and to die is gaine.
22. And if to liue in the flesh, this vnto me be the fruit of the worke, and what I shal choose I know not.
23. And I am straitned of the two: hauing desire to be dissolued & to be with Christ, a thing much more better.
24. But to abide in the flesh, more necessarie. necessarie for you.
25. And trusting this, I know that I shal abide and continue with you al, vnto your furtherance and ioy of the faith:
26. that your gratulation may abound in Christ Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ in me, by my comming againe to you.
27. Only * Eph, 4,1. conuerse ye worthie of the Ghospel of Christ: that whether when I come and see you, or els be absent, I may heare of you that you stand in one Spirit, of one mind labouring together to the faith of the Ghospel.
28. And in nothing be ye terrified of the Aduersaries, which to them is ἔνδειξις,
A manifest proofe and euidence.
cause of perdition: but to you of saluation, & this of God:
29. for to you ἐχαϱίσθη. it is giuen for Christ, not only that you beleeue in him, but also that you suffer for him,
30. hauing the same combat like as you haue seen in me, and now doe heare. haue heard of me.