Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Prophecie of Sophonias

1. THE word of our Lord that was made to Sophonie the sonne of Chusi, the sonne of Godolias, the sonne of Amarias, the sonne of Ezechias, in the dayes of Iosias the sonne of Amon king of Iuda.
2. Gathering I will gather together al thinges from the face of the earth, sayth our Lord:
3. gathering man, and beast, gathering the soules of the heauen, and fishes of the sea: and there shal be ruines of the impious: and I wil destroy men from the face of the earth, sayth our Lord.
4. And I wil stretch forth my hand vpon Iuda, and vpon al the inhabitantes of Ierusalem: and I wil destroy out of this place the remnant of Baal, and the names of the temple wardens with the priests:
5. and them that adore vpon the toppes of houses the host of heauen, and adore, and sweare by our Lord, and sweare by Melchom.
6. And them that turne away from after the backe of our Lord, and that haue not sought our Lord, nor searched after him.
7. Be silent before the face of our Lord God: because the day of our Lord is nere, because our Lord hath prepared an host, he hath sanctified his called.
8. And it shal be: in the day of the host of our Lord I wil visite vpon the princes, and vpon the kinges sonnes, and vpon al that are clothed with strange clothing:
9. and I wil visite vpon euerie one, that arrogantly entereth vpon the threshold in that day, them that fil the house of our Lord their God with iniquitie, & guile.
10. And it shal be in that day, sayth our Lord, the voice of clamor from the gate of fishes, and howling from the second, and great destruction from the hilles.
11. Howle ye inhabitants of the Morter. Al the people of Chanaan is hush, al are perished that were wrapped in siluer.
12. & it shal be in that time: I wil search Ierusalem with lampes, and wil visite vpon the men that are fixed in their dregges: that say in the hartes: The Lord wil not doe good, and he wil not doe euil.
13. And their strength shal be into spoile, and their houses as a desert: and they shal build houses, and shal not inhabite them: and shal plant vineyards, & shal not drinke the wine of them.
14. The great day of our Lord is neere, it is neere and exceding swift: the voice of the day of our Lord is bitter, the strong shal there haue tribulation.
15. That day a day of wrath, a day of tribulation and distresse, a day of calamitie and miserie, a day of darknes and mist, a day of clowde & whirlewind:
16. a day of trumpet and sound vpon the fensed cities, & vpon the high corners.
17. And I wil afflict men, and they shal walke as blindmen, because they haue sinned to our Lord: and their bloud shal be powred out as dust, and their bodies as dung.
18. Yea and their siluer, and their gold shal not be able to deliuer them in the day of the wrath of our Lord: in the fire of his ielousie shal al the earth be deuoured, because he wil make consummation with speede to al that inhabit the earth.