Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)



1. AND the two angels came to Sodome at euen, and Lot sitting in the gates of the citie. Who when he had sene them, rose vp and went to meete them: and adored prostrate vnto the ground,
2. and said: I besech you, my Lords, turne into the house of your seruant, and lodge there: wash your feet, and in the morning you shal go forth on your way. Who said: No, but we wil abide in the streat.
3. He compelled them earnestly to turne in vnto him: and when they were entred into his house, he made them a banquet, and baked vnleauened bread, and they did eate.
4. And before they went to bed, the men of the citie beset the house from young to old, al the people togeather.
5. And they called Lot, and said to him: Where are the men that came in to thee at night? bring them forth hither that we may know them.
6. Lot going forth to them, and shutting the dore after him, said:
7. Doe not so, I besech you, my brethren, doe not commit this euil.
8. I haue two daughters, which as yet haue not knowen man: I wil bring them forth to you, and abuse you them as it shal please you, so that you do no euil to these men, because they are entred vnder the shadowe of my roofe.
9. But they said: Get thee backe thither. And againe: Thou camest in, said they, as a stranger, what to be a iudge? Thy selfe therfore we wil afflict more then these. And they did violence to Lot exceadingly: and it was euen nowe at the point that they would break the dores.
10. And behold the men put forth their hand, and drew in Lot vnto them, and shut the dore:
11. and them, that were without, they stroke with blyndnes from the least to the greatest, so that they could not find the dore.
12. And they said to Lot: Hast thou here anie of thine? sonne in law, or sonnes, or daughters, al that are thine, bring them out of this citie:
13. for we wil destroy this place, for that their crye is waxen lowde before our Lord, who hath sent vs to destroy them.
14. Therfore Lot went forth, and spake to his sonnes in lawe that were to take his daughters, and said: Arise: get you forth out of this place, because our Lord wil destroy this citie. And he semed vnto them to speake as it were in iest.
15. And when it was morning, the angels vrged him, saying: Arise, take thy wife, and the two daughters which thou hast: least thou also perish withal in the wickednes of the citie.
16. He lingring, they tooke his hand, and the hand of his wife, and of his two daughters, because our Lord spared him.
17. And they led him forth, and set him without the citie: and there they spake to him, saying: Saue thy life: looke not backe, neither stay thou in al the countrie about: but saue thy selfe in the mountaine, lest thou also perish withal.
18. And Lot said to them: I beseech thee my Lord,
19. because thy seruant hath fonnd grace before thee, and thou hast magnified thy mercie, which thou hast wrought with me, in that thou wouldest saue my life, and safe I can not be in the mountaine, lest perhaps the euil catch me, and I dye.
20. There is this citie hereby at hand, wherunto I may flee, a little one, and I shalbe safe in it: is it not a little one, and my life shalbe saued?
21. And he said to him: Behold also in this point I haue heard thy prayers, not to ouerthrow the citie for which thou hast spoken.
22. Make hast, and be saued there: because I can not doe any thing til thou enter in thither. Therfore the name of that citie was called Segor.
23. The sunne was risen vpon the earth, & Lot entred into Segor.
24. Therfore our Lord rained vpon Sodome and Gomorre brimstone & fire from our Lord out of heauen:
25. and he subuerted these cities, and al the countrie about, al the inhabitants of the cities, and al things that spring of the earth.
26. And his wife looking behind her, was turned into a statua of salt.
27. And Abraham getting vp early in the morning, there where before he had stood with our Lord,
28. beheld Sodome & Gomorre, and the whole land of that countrie: and he saw the cinders rise vp from the earth as it were the smoke of a fornace.
29. For when God subuerted the citties of that countrie, he remenbring Abraham, deliuered Lot out of the subuersion of the cities wherein he had dwelt.
30. And Lot ascended out of Segor, and abode in the mountaine, his two daughters also with him (for he was afraid to abide in Segor) and he abode in a caue him selfe, and his two daughters with him.
31. And the elder said to the younger: Our father is old, and there is no man left on the earth, that may companie with vs after the maner of the whole earth.
32. Come, let vs make him drunke with wine, and let vs lie with him, that we may preserue seed of our father.
33. They therfore made their father to drinke wine that night: and the elder went in, and lay with her father: but he perceaued not, neyther when his daughter lay downe, nor when she rose vp.
34. The next day also the elder said to the younger: Behold I lay yesternight with my father, let vs make him drinke wine also this night, and thou shalt lye with him, that we may saue seed of our father.
35. They made their father drinke wine that night also, and the younger daughter went in, and lay with him: and neyther then truly did he perceaue when she lay downe, or when she rose vp.
36. The two daughters therfore of Lot were with child by their father.
37. And the elder bare a sonne and she called his name Moab: he is, the father of the Moabites euen to this present day.
38. The younger also bare a sonne, and she called his name Ammon, that is the sonne of my people: he is the father of the Ammonites euen to this day.