Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)



1. VVHEN these things therfore were done, the word of our Lord was made to Abram by a vision saying: Feare not Abram, I am thy protector, & thy reward exceding great.
2. And Abram said: Lord God, what wilt thou geue me? I shal goe without children: and the sonne of the stuard of my house is this Damascus Eliezer.
3. And Abram added: But to me thou hast not geuen seede: and loe my seruant borne in my house, shal be myn heire.
4. And immediatly the word of our Lord came to him saying: He shal not be thy heyre: but he that shal come out of thy wombe, him shalt thou haue thin heire.
5. And he brought him forth abroad, and said to him: Looke vp to heauen, and number the starres, if thou canst. And he said to him: So shal thy seed be.
6. Abram beleued God, and it was reputed to him vnto iustice.
7. And he said to him: I am the Lord that brought thee out from Vr of the Chaldees for to giue thee this land, and that thou mightest possesse it.
8. But he said: Lord God, how may I know that I shal possesse it?
9. And our Lord answered, and said: Take me a cowe of three yeares old, and a shee goat of three yeares, and a ramme of three yeares, a turtle also, and a pigeon.
10. Who taking al these, diuided them by the mydes, and laid ech two peeces arowe one against the other: but the birdes he diuided not.
11. And the foules lighted vpon the carcasses, and Abram droue them away.
12. And when the sunne was setting, a deepe sleepe fel vpon Abram, and a great and darkesome horrour inuaded him.
13. And it was said vnto him: Know and foreknow that a pilgrime shal thy seede be in a land not their owne (and they shal bring them vnder bondage, and afflict them) foure hundred yeares.
14. But the nation, whom they shal serue, I wil iudge: and after this they shal goe forth with great substance.
15. And thou shalt goe to thy fathers in peace, buried in a good old age.
16. But in the fourth generation they shal returne hither: for as yet the iniquities of the Amorrheanes are not at the ful vntil this present time.
17. Therfore when the sunne was set, there arose a darke mist, and there appeared a fornace smoking, and a flake of fire passing betwene those diuisions.
18. That day God made a couenant with Abram, saying: To thy seede wil I geue this land from the riuer of Ægypt euen to the great riuer Euphrates,
19. the Cineans, & Cenezites, the Cedmonites,
20. and the Hethits, and the Pherezits, the Raphaims also,
21. and the Amorreans & the Cananites, and the Gargasites, and the Iebusites.