Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)



1. SARAI therfore, the wife of Abram, had brought forth no children: but hauing an handmaid an Ægyptian named Agar,
2. she said to her husband: Behold, our Lord hath closed me, that I might not beare: Goe in vnto my handmaid, if happely of her at the least I may haue children. And when he agreed to her in this request,
3. she toke Agar the Ægyptian her handmaid tenne yeares after that they first dwelled in the land of Chanaan: and gaue her vnto her husband to wife.
4. Who did companie with her, but she perceauing that she was with childe, despised her mistresse.
5. And Sarai said to Abram: Thou doest vniustly against me: I gaue my handmaid into thy bosome, who perceauing herself to be with child, despiseth me. Our Lord iudge betwen me and thee.
6. To whom Abram making answere: Behold, saith he, thy hdmaid is in thine owne hand, vse her as it pleaseth thee. When Sarai therfore did afflict her, she ranne away.
7. And an angel of our Lord hauing found her, beside a fountaine of water in the wildernesse, which is in the way to Sur in the desert,
8. he said to her: Agar, the handmaid of Sarai, whence comest thou? and whither goest thou? who answered: From the face of Sarai my mistresse doe I flye.
9. And the angel of our Lord said to her: Returne to thy mistresse, and humble thy selfe vnder her hand.
10. And again: Multiplying, sayth he, wil I multiplie thy seed, and it shal not be numbred for the multitude therof.
11. And againe after that: Behold, saith he, thou art with child, and thou shalt bring forth a sonne: and thou shalt cal his name Ismael, because the Lord hath heard thin affliction.
12. He shal be a wild man: his hand shal be against al men, and al mens hands against him: and ouer against al his bretheren shal he pitch his tents.
13. And she called the name of our Lord that spake vnto her: Thou the God which hast sene me. For she said: verily here haue I sene the backe partes of him that hath sene me.
14. Therfore she called that wel, the Wel of him that liueth and seeth me. The same is betwen Cadesse, and Barad.
15. And Agar brought forth a sonne to Abram: who called his name Ismael.
16. Eightie and sixe yeares old was Abram when Agar brought him forth Ismael.