Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)



1. AND our Lord said to Abram: Goe forth of thy countrie, and out of thy kinred, and out of thy fathers house, and come into a land, which I wil shew thee.
2. And I wil make thee into a great nation, and I wil blesse thee, and magnifie thy name, and thou shalt be blessed.
3. I wil blesse them and blesse thee, and cursse them that cursse thee, and IN THEE shal al the kindreds of the earth be blessed.
4. Abram therfore went out as our Lord had commanded him, and with him went Lot: seauentie fiue yeares old was Abram when he went forth out of Haran.
5. And he tooke Sarai his wife, and Lot his brothers sonne, and al the substance which they had possessed, and the soules which they had gotten in Haran: and went forth to goe into the land of Chanaan. And when they were come into it,
6. Abram passed through the countrie vnto the place Sichem, as farre as the noble vale: and the Cananite was at that time in the countrie.
7. And our Lord appeared to Abram, and said to him: To thy seed wil I giue this land. Who builded there an altar to our Lord, that had appeared to him.
8. And marching on from thence to a mountaine, that was on the east side of Bethel, there he pitched his tent, hauing Bethal on the west, and Hay on the east: he builded there also an altar to our Lord, and called vpon his name.
9. And Abram went forward going, and proceding on to the south.
10. And there came a famine in the countrie: and Abram descended into Ægypt, to be as a pilgrime there: for the famine was very sore in the land.
11. And when he was nere to enter into Ægypt, he said to Sarai his wife: I know that thou art a fayre woman:
12. and that when the Ægyptians shal see thee, they wil say: She is his wife: and they wil til me, and reserue thee.
13. Say therfore, I pray thee, that thou art my sister: that I may be wel vsed for thee, and that my soule may liue for thy sake.
14. When Abram therfore was entred into Ægypt, the Ægiptians sawe the woman that she was passing beautiful.
15. And the princes told Pharao, and praised her to him: and the woman was taken into the house of Pharao.
16. And they vsed Abram wel for her sake. And he had sheepe and oxen and he asses, and men seruants, and maid seruants, and shee asses, and Cammels.
17. But our Lord scourged Pharao with very sore plagues, and his house for Sarai Abrams wife.
18. And Pharao called Abram, and said to him: What is this that thou hast done to me? Why didst thou not tel me that she was thy wife?
19. For what cause didst thou say, she was thy sister, that I might take her to my wife? Now therfore there is thy wife, take her, and goe thy ways.
20. And Pharao gaue certaine men commandment in the behalfe of Abram: and they conducted him, and his wife, and al that he had.