Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Catholike Epistle of Saint Ivde the Apostle

He exhorteth them to stand to their old faith, shewing them by examples, that it is damnable not to continue and be constant: 8. inueighing against the lecherie, blasphemie, apostasie, banketing of the heretikes, 14. and that their damnation was long foretold. 15. Catholikes therfore to be vnmouable, to reproue the obstinate, to recouer al not desperate, to confirme the weake, and to liue themselues vertuously and without mortal sinne, which by God's grace they may doe.
1. IVDE the seruant of Iesvs Christ, and brother of Iames: to them that are in God the Father beloued, and in Iesvs Christ preserued, and called.
2. Mercie to you, and peace and charitie be accomplished.
3. Me Dearest taking al care to write vnto you of your common saluation, I thought it necessarie to write vnto you: beseeching you to contend for the faith once deliuered to the Saints.
4. For there are certaine men secretly entred in (which were long agoe prescribed vnto this iudgement) impious, transferring the grace of our God into riotousnes, and denying the only Dominatour, & our Lord Iesvs Christ.
5. But I wil admonish you, that once know al things, that Iesvs, sauing the people out of the land of Ægipt, secondly destroied them which beleeued not.
6. But the Angels which kept not their principalitie, but forsooke their owne habitation, he hath reserued vnder darknesse in eternal bonds vnto the iudgement of the great day.
7. As Sodom and Gomorrhe, and the cities adioyning in like manner hauing fornicated, and going after other flesh, were made an example, sustaining the paine of eternal fire.
8. In like manner these also defile the flesh, and despise dominion, & blaspheme maiestie.
9. Whem Michael the Archangel, disputing with the Diuel, made altercation for the body of Moyses, he durst not inferre iudgement of blasphemie, but said, Our Lord 'command' thee.
10. But these, what things soeuer certes they are ignorant of, they blaspheme: and what things soeuer naturally, as dumme beasts, they know, in those they are corrupted.
11. Woe vnto them, 'which' haue gone in the way of Cain: and with the errour of Balaam, haue for reward powred out themselues, and haue perished in the contradiction of Core.
12. These are in their bankets, spots, feasting together without feare, feeding themselues, clouds without water which are carred about of winds, trees of autumne, vnfruitful, twise dead, plucked vp by the roots,
13. raging waues of the sea, foming out their owne confusions, wandering starres: to whom the storme of darknesse is reserued for euer.
14. And of these prophecied Enoch, the seuenth from Adam, saying: Behold our Lord is come in his holy thousands,
15. to doe iudgement against al, and to reproue al the impious, of al the workes of their impietie whereby they haue done impiously, and of al the hard things which impious sinners haue spoken against him.
16. These are murmurers, ful of complaints, walking according to their owne desires, and their mouth speaketh pride, admiring persons for gaine sake.
17. But you, my Dearest, be mindful of the words which haue been spoken before by the Apostles of our Lord Iesvs Christ,
18. who told you, that in the last time shal come mockers, according to their owne desires walking in impieties.
19. These are they which segregate themselues, sensual, hauing not the Spirit.
20. But you, my Dearest, building your selues vpon 'our' most holy faith, in the Holy Ghost, praying,
21. keep your selues in the loue of God, expecting the mercie of our Lord Iesvs Christ vnto life euerlasting.
22. And these certes reproue being iudged:
23. but them saue, pulling out of the fire. And on other haue mercie in feare: hating also that which is carnal, the spotted cote.
24. And to him that is able to preserue you without sinne, and to set you immaculate before the fight of his glorie in exultation in the comming of our Lord Iesvs Christ,
25. to the only God our Sauiour by Iesvs Christ our Lord be glorie and magnificence, empire and power before al worlds, and now and for al worlds euermore. Amen.