Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)



Mans sinnes cause of the deluge. 4. Giants were then vpon the earth. 8. Noe being iust was commanded to build the Arke, 18. wherin he with seuen persons more, and the seede of other liuing things were saued.
1. And after that men began to be multiplied vpon the earth, & had procreation of daughters:
2. The sonnes of God seing the daughters of men, that they were faire, tooke to them selues wiues out of al, which they had chosen.
3. And God said: My spirit shal not remaine in man for euer, because he is flesh: & his dayes shal be an hundred & twentie yeares.
4. And Giants were vpon the earth in those dayes. For after the sonnes of God did companie with the daughters of men, and they brought forth children, these be the mightie of the olde world, famous men.
5. And God seing the malice of men was much on the earth: and that al the cogitation of their hart was bent to euil at al times,
6. it repented him that he had made man on the earth. And touched inwardly with sorrowe of hart,
7. I wil, saith he: cleane take away man, whom I haue created, from the face of the earth; from man euen to beastes, from that which creepeth euen vnto the foules of the ayre. for it repenteth me that I haue made them.
8. But Noe found grace before our Lord:
9. These are the generations of Noe: Noe was a iust and perfect man in his generations, he did walke with God.
10. And he begat three sonnes, Sem, Cham, & Iapheth.
11. And the earth was corrupted before God, and was replenished with iniquitie.
12. And when God had perceiued that the earth was corrupted (for al flesh had corrupted his way vpon the earth)
13. he said to Noe: The end of al flesh is come before me, the earth is replenished with iniquitie from the face of them, & I wil destroy them with the earth.
14. Make thee an arke of timber planke: cabinets shalt thou make in the arke, and shalt pitch it within, and without with bitume.
15. And thus shalt thou make it. The length of the Arke shal be three hundred cubitts: fiftie cubitts the breadth, and thirtie cubitts the height of it.
16. Thou shalt make a windowe in the arke, and in a cubit finish the toppe of it: and the dore of the arke thou shalt set at the side belowe, middle chambers, and third loftes shalt thou make in it.
17. Behold I wil bring the waters of a great floud vpon the earth, that I may destroy al flesh, wherin there is breath of life vnder heauen. Al thinges that are in the earth, shal be consumed:
18. and I wil establish my couenant with thee: and thou shalt enter into the arke, thou and thy sonnes, and thy wife, and the wiues of thy sonnes with thee.
19. And of al liuing creatures of al flesh, thou shalt bring payres into the arke, that they may liue with thee, of the male sexe, and the female.
20. Of foules according to their kind, and of beastes in their kind, & of al that creepeth on the earth according to their kind: payres of al sortes shal enter in with thee, that they may liue.
21. Thou shalt take therfore with thee of al meates, that may be eaten, and thou shalt lay them vp with thee: and they shal be meate for thee and them.
22. Noe therfore did al thinges, which God commanded him.