Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)



Noe vvith his familie, and paires of al kindes of beastes and foules, being entred into the arke, 12. it raineth fourtie daies and fourtie nights. 21.Al men and other liuing creatures on the earth, without the arke, are destroyed.
1. And our Lord said to him: Get thee in, thou and al thy house into the arke: for I haue sene thee iust in my sight in this generation.
2. Of al beasts that are cleane, thou shalt take seauen, and seauen, male & female:
3. but of the beasts that are vncleane two and two, male & female. Yea and of the foules also of the ayre seauen & seauen, male and female: that seede may be saued vpon the face of the whole earth.
4. For yet a while, and after seauen dayes, I wil rayne vpon the earth fourtie dayes and fourtie nights: and I wil cleane destroy al substance, that I haue made, from the face of the earth.
5. Noe therfore did al thinges, which our Lord had commanded him.
6. And he was six hundred yeares old, when the waters of the floud flowed ouer the earth.
7. And Noe entred and his sonnes, his wife and the wiues of of his sonnes with him into the arke, because of the waters of the floud.
8. Of beasts also the cleane and the vncleane, & of foules, and of al that moueth vpon the earth,
9. two & two went to Noe into the arke, male and female, as our Lord had commanded Noe.
10. And after the seauen dayes were passed, the waters of the floud flowed ouer the earth.
11. In the six hundred yeare of the life of Noe, in the second moneth, in the seauententh day of the moneth, al the fountaines of the greate deapth were broken vp, and the floud gates of heauen were opened:
12. and the raine fel vpon the earth fourtie dayes and fourtie nights.
13. In the verie point of that day entred Noe, and Sem, and Cham, & Iapheth his sonnes: and his wife, and the three wiues of his sonnes with them into the arke:
14. they and euerie beast according to their kind, and al cattle in their kinde, and al that moueth vpon the earth according to their kind, and al foule according to their kind, al birds, and al that fly
15. went to Noe into the arke, two and two of al flesh, wherin there was breath of life.
16. And such as entred in, male and female of al flesh did enter in, as God had commanded him: and our Lord shut him in on the out side.
17. And the floud grew fourtie daies vpon the earth: and the waters increased, and lifted vp the arke on high from the earth.
18. For they ouerflowed excedingly: and filled al on the face of the earth: moreouer the arke fleeted vpon the waters.
19. And the waters preuailed out of measure vpon the earth: and al the hiegh mountaines vnder the whole heauen were couered.
20. Fiftene cubites higher was the water aboue the mountaines, which it couered.
21. And al flesh was consumed that moued vpon the earth, of foule, of cattle, of beasts, and of al creepers, that creepe vpon the earth: al men,
22. and al things, wherin there is breath of life on the earth, died.
23. And he cleane destroied al substance, that was vpon the earth, from man euen to beast, as wel it that creepeth, as the foules of the ayre: and they were destroied from of the earth: but onlie Noe remained, and they that were with him in the arke.
24. And the waters held on aboue the earth an hundred fiftie dayes.