Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Apocalypse of Saint Iohn the Apostle

The earth being to be punished, 3. they are commanded to saue them that are signed in their fore-heads: 4. which are described and numbered both of the Iewes and Gentiles, blessing God. 13. Of them that were clothed in white stoles or long robes.
1. AFTER these things I saw foure Angels standing vpon the foure corners of the earth, holding the foure winds of the earth, that they should not blow vpon the land, nor vpon the sea, nor on any tree.
2. And I saw another Angel ascending from the rising of the sunne, hauing the signe of the liuing God; & he cried with a loud voice to the foure Angels, to whom it was giuen to hurt the earth and the sea,
3. saying: Hurt not the earth and the sea, nor the trees, til we signe the seruants of our God in their foreheads.
4. And I heard the number of them that were signed, and hundred fourtie foure thousand were signed, of euery Tribe of the children of Israel.
5. Of the Tribe of Iuda, twelue thousand signed. Of the Tribe of Ruben, twelue thousand signed. Of the Tribe of Gad, twelue thousand signed.
6. Of the Tribe of Aser, twelue thousand signed. Of the Tribe of Nephali, twelue thousand signed. Of the Tribe of Manasses, twelue thousand signed.
7. Of the Tribe of Simeon, twelue thousand signed. Of the Tribe of Leui, tweleue thousand signed. Of the Tribe of Issacher, twelue thousand signed.
8. Of the Tribe of Zabulon, twelue thousand signed. Of the Tribe of Iospeh, twelue thousand signed. Of the Tribe of Beniamin, twelue thousand signed.
9. After these things I saw a great multitude which no man could number, of al Nations, and Tribes, and peoples, & tongues: standing before the throne, and in the sight of the Lamb, clothed in white robes, and palmes in their hands:
10. And they cried with a lowd voice, saying: Salvation to our God which sitteth vpon the throne, and to the Lamb.
11. And al the Angels stood in the circuit of the throne, and of the Seniours, and of the foure beasts: and they fel in the sight of the throne vpon their faces, and adored God,
12. saying, Amen. Benediction, and glorie, and wisedom, and thankes-giuing, honour and power and strength to our God for euer and euer. Amen.
13. And one of the Seniours answered, and said to me: These that are clothed in the white robes, who be they? and whence came they?
14. And I said to him: My Lord thou knowest. And he said to me: These are they which are come out of great tribulation, and haue washed their robes, and made them white in the bloud of the Lamb.
15. Therfore they are before the throne of God, and they serue him day and night in his Temple: and he that sitteth in the throne, shal dwel ouer them.
16. They shal no more hunger nor thirst, neither shal the sunne fal vpon them, nor any heat.
17. Because the Lamb which is in the middes of the throne, shal rule them, and shal conduct them to the liuing fountaines of waters, and God wil wipe away al teares from their eyes.