Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Apocalypse of Saint Iohn the Apostle

The final glorification of the Church.
Heauen and earth being made new, S. Iohn seeth the new citie Hierusalem prepared and adorned for the spouse of the Lamb. 6. The iust are glorified, 7. and the wicked thrust into the poole of fire. 12. The wal and gates and foundations of the citie are described and measured: 18. al which are gold and crystal, pretious stones and pearles.
1. AND I saw a new heauen and a new earth. For the first heauen, and the first earth was gone, & the sea now is not.
2. And I Iohn saw the holy citie Hierusalem new descending from heauen, prepared of God, as a bride adorned for her husband.
3. And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying: Behold the tabernacle of God with men, and he wil dwel with them. And they shal be his people: and he God with them shal be their God.
4. And God shal wipe away al teares from their eyes: and death shal be no more, which first things, are gone.
5. And he that sate in the throne, said: Behold I make al things new. And he said to me: Write, because these words be most faithful and true.
6. And he said to me: It is done, I am Alpha and Omega: the beginning and the end. To him that thirsteth I wil giue of the fountaine of the water of life, gratis.
7. He that shal ouercome, shal possesse these things, and I wil be he God: and he shal be my sonne.
8. But to the feareful, and incredulous, and execrable, and murderers, and fornicatours, and sorcerers, and Idolaters, and al liers, their part shal be in the poole burning with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.
9. And there came one of the seuen Angels that had the vials ful of the seuen last plagues, and spake with me, saying: Come, and I wil shew thee the bride, the wife of the Lamb.
10. And he tooke me vp in spirit vnto a mountaine great and high: and he shewed me the holy citie Hierusalem descending out of heauen from God,
11. hauing the glorie of God, and the light thereof like to a pretious stone, as it were to the iasper stone, euen as crystal.
12. And it had a wal great and high, hauing twelue gates, and in the gates twelue Angels, & names written thereon, which are the names of the twelue Tribes of the children of Israel.
13. On the East, three gates: and on the North, three gates: and on the South, three gates: and on the West, three gates.
14. And the wal of the citie hauing twelue foundations: and in them, twelue names of the twelue Apostles of the Lamb.
15. And he that spake with me, had a measure of a reed, of gold, to measure the citie and the gates thereof, and the wal.
16. And the citie is situated quadrangle-wise, and the length thereof is as great as also the bredth: and he measured the citie with the reed of twelue thousand furlongs, & the length and height and bredth thereof be equal.
17. And he measured the wal thereof of an hundred fourtie foure cubits, the measure of a man which is of an Angel.
18. And the building of the wal thereof was of iasper stone: but the citie it-self pure gold, like to pure glasse.
19. And the foundations of the wal of the citie, were adorned with al pretious stone. The first foundations, the iasper: the second, the saphire: the third, the calcedonius: the fourth, the emerauld:
20. the fifth, the Sardonix: the sixt, the sardius: the seuenth, the chrysolithus: the eight, the beryllus: the ninth, the topazius: the tenth, the chrysoprasus: the eleuenth, the hyacinth: the twelfth, the amethyst.
21. And the twelue gates: there are twelue pearles, one to euery one: & euery gate was of one seuerale pearle. And the street of the citie pure gold, as it were transparent glasse.
22. And the temple I saw not therein. For our Lord the God omnipotent is the temple thereof and the Lamb.
23. And the citie needeth not sunne nor moone, to shine in it. For the glorie of God hath illuminated it, and the Lamb is the lamp thereof.
24. And the Gentils shal walke in the light of it: and the Kings of the earth shal bring their glorie and honour into it.
25. And the gates thereof shal not be shut by day: for there shal be no night there.
26. And they shal bring the glorie and honour of Nations into it.
27. There shal not enter into it any polluted thing, nor that doeth abomination and maketh lie, but they that are written in the booke of life of the Lamb.