Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Apocalypse of Saint Iohn the Apostle

The 2 part. First, the booke with 7 seales, secondly, 7 Angels with trompets. 1. A doore being open in heauen he saw one sitting in a throne, 4. and round about him foure and twentie Seniours sitting, 6. and the foure beasts here described, 9. which with the, 24. Seniours continually glorified him that sate in the throne.
1. AFTER these things I looked, & behold a doore open in heauen, and the first voice which I heard, was as it were of a trompet speaking with me, saying: Come vp hither, and I wil shew thee things which must be done quickly after these.
2. And immediatly I was in spirit: and behold there was a seat set in heauen, and vpon the seat one sitting.
3. And he that sate, was like in sight to the Iasper stone, and the Sardine: and there was a raine-bow round about the seat, like to the sight of an Emeraud.
4. And round about the seat, foure and twentie seats: and vpon the thrones, foure and twentie Seniours sitting, clothed about in white garments, and on their heads crownes of gold.
5. And from the throne proceeded lightnings, and voices, and thunders: and seuen lamps burning before the throne, which are the seuen Spirits of God.
6. And in the sight of the seat, as it were a sea of glasse like to chrystal: and in the middes of the seat and round about the seat foure beasts ful of eyes before and behind.
7. And the first beast, like to a lion: and the second beast, like to a Calfe, and the third beast, hauing the face as it were of a man: and the fourth beast, like to an Egle flying.
8. And the foure beasts, euery one of them had no rest day and night, saying, Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God omnipotent, which was, and which is, and which shal come.
9. And when those beasts gaue glorie and honour and benediction to him that sitteth vpon the throne, that liueth for euer and euer:
10. the foure and twentie Seniours fel downe before him that sitteth in the throne, & adored him that liueth for euer and euer, and cast their crownes before the throne, saying:
11. Thou art worthie O Lord our God to receiue glorie and honour and power: because thou hast created al things, and for thy wil they were and haue been created.