Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Holy Ghospel of Iesvs Christ According to Saint Iohn

HOLY weeke.
The PASSION according to S. Iohn in these two Chapters, is the Ghospel at Masse vpon Good Friday.
So the Passion is read in holy weeke foure times, according to the four Euangelists, as S. Augustine appointed also in his Church at Hippo. Ser. 144. de tempore.
Being gone to the place that Iudas the Traitour did know, 4. he offereth himself to the band of his enemies, sheweth his Diuine might in ouerthrowing them al with a word, and in saying his Apostles from them also with a word: 10. rebuketh Peter that would defend him from them 12. and so being apprehended, is brought bound to Ananas and Caiphas, where he is striken by a seruant, and thrise denied of Peter. 28. Againe in the morning he is by them brought to Pilate. 29. Who demanding their accusation, whereas they would oppresse him with their authoritie. 33. & examining the point of his Kingdom, pronounceth him innocent: yet they crie rather to haue a theeues life saued. 1. THVRSDAY
* Mat. 26,36.
Mark 14,32.
Luke 22,39.
WHEN Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ had said these things, he went forth with his Disciples beyond the Torrent-Cedron, where was a garden, into the which he entred and his Disciples.
2. And Iudas also, that betraied him, knew the place: because Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ had often resorted thither together with his Disciples.
3. * Mat. 26,47.
Mark 14,43.
Luke 22,47.
Iudas therfore hauing receiued the band of men, and of the cheefe Priests and Pharisees, ministers, commeth thither with lanternes and torches and weapons.
4. Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ therfore knowing al things that should come vpon him, went forth, and said to them: Whom seeke ye?
5. They answered him, Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ of Nazareth. Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ saith to them: I am he. And Iudas also that betraied him, stood with them.
6. As soone therfore as he said to them, I am he; they went backward, and fel to the ground.
7. Againe therfore he asked them: Whom seeke ye? And they said: Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ of Nazareth.
8. Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ answered, I haue told you, that I am he. If therfore you seeke me, let these goe their waies.
9. That the word might be fulfilled which he said, * Iohn 17,12. That of them whom thou hast giuen me, I haue not lost any.
10. Simon Peter therfore hauing a sword, drew it out; and smote the seruant of the high Priest, & cut off his right eare. And the name of the seruant was Malchus.
11. Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ therfore said to Peter: Put vp thy sword into the scabbard. The chalice which my Father hath giuen me, shal not I drinke it?
12. The band therfore and the Tribune & the ministers of the Iewes apprehended Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ, and bound him:
13. and they brought him to Annas first, for he was father in law to Caiphas, who was the high Priest of that yeare.
14. And * Iohn 11,49. Caiphas was he that had giuen the counsel to the Iewes, That it is expedient that one man die for the people.
15. * Mat. 28,58.
Mark 14,54.
Luke 21,54.
And Simon Peter followed Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ, and another Disciple. And that Disciple was knowen to the high Priest, and went in with Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ into the court of the high Priest.
16. But Peter stood at the doore without. The other Disciple therfore that was knowen to the high Priest, went forth, and spake to the portresse, and brought in Peter.
17. The wench therfore that was portresse, saith to Peter: Art not thou also of this mans Disciples? He saith to her, It is al one for a man to deny Christ, & that he is a disciple of Christ, or a Catholike, or a Christian man, when he is demanded. Aug. tract. 113 in Io. for so Peter here denieth Christ, in denying himself to be his Disciple. I am not.
18. And the seruants & ministers stood at a fire of coles, because it was cold, and warmed themselues. And with them was Peter also standing, and warming himself.
19. The high Priest therfore asked Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ of this Disciples, and of his doctrine.
20. Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ answered him: I haue openly spoken to the world: I haue alwaies taught in the Synagogue, and in the Temple whither al the Iewes resort together: and in secret I haue spoken nothing.
21. Why askest thou me? aske them that haue heard what I haue spoken vnto them: behold they know what things I haue said.
22. When he had said these things, one of the ministers standing by, gaue Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ a blow, saying: Answerest thou the high Priest so?
23. Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ answered him: If I haue spoken il, giue testimonie of euil: but if wel, why strikest thou me?
24. And Annas sent him bound to Caiphas the high priest.
25. And Simon Peter was standing, and warming himself. They said therfore to him: Art not thou also of his Disciples: He denied and said: I am not.
26. One of the seruants of the high Priest saith to him, his cosin whose eare Peter did cut off: Did not I see thee in the garden with him?
27. Againe therfore Peter denied: and forthwith the cocke crew.
28. GOOD FRIDAY. * Mat. 27,1.
Mark 15,1.
Luke 23,1.
They therfore bring Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ from Caiphas into the Palace. And it was morning: and they went not in into the Palace, that they might not be contaminated, but that they might eate the Pasche.
29. Pilate therfore went forth to them withou, and said: What accusation bring you against this man?
30. They answered and said to him: If he were not a malefactour, we would not haue deliuered him vp to thee.
31. Pilate therfore said to them: Take him you, and according to your law iudge him. The Iewes therfore said to him: It is not lawful for vs to kil any man.
32. * Iohn 12,33.
Mat. 20,19.
That the word of Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ might be fulfilled which he said, signifyign what death he should die.
33. * Mat. 27,11.
Mark 15,2.
Luke 23,4.
Pilate therfore went into the Palace againe, and called Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ, and said to him: Art thou the King of the Iewes?
34. Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ answered: Saiest thou this of thy self, or haue other told it thee of me?
35. Pilate answered: Why, am I a Iew? It pleased God, that Christ who was to die both for the Iewes & the Gentiles, should be betraied of the one, and put to death by the other. Thy Nation, and the cheefe Priests haue deliuered thee vp to me: what hast thou done?
36. Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ answered: My Kingdom is not of this world. If my Kingdom were of this world, my ministers verily would striue that I should not be deliuered to the Iewes. But now my Kingdom is not from hence.
37. Pilate therfore said to him: Art thou a King then? Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ answered: Thou saiest, that I am a King. For this was I borne, and for this came I into the world: that I should giue testimonie to the truth. Euery one that is of the truthm heareth my voice.
38. Pilate saith to him: What is truth? And when he had said this, he went forth againe to the Iewes, and saith to them: I find no cause in him.
39. * Mat. 27,15.
Mark 15,6.
Luke 23,17.
But you haue a custome that I should release one to you in the Pasche: wil you therfore that I release vnto you the King of the Iewes?
40. They al therfore cried againe, saying: Not him but Barabbas. And Barabbas was a theefe.