Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Holy Ghospel of Iesvs Christ According to Saint Iohn

HOLY weeke.
The 4. part.
The 4. Pasche, & holy weeke of his Passion in Hierusalem.
The Rulers dealing as if he hid himself, 1. he commeth to Bethania. 3. Whereby occasion Iudas the theefe murmuring at Marie Magdalens costly deuotion, he foretelleth his death. 12. From thence, though they did now intend to kil Lazarus also, he ride openly into Hierusalem, the people (because he had raised Lazarus) confessing with their acclamations that he is Christ. 20. Where certaine Gentils desiring to see him, 23. he foretelleth the conuersion of the whole world from the Diuel to him, to be now instant, as the effect of his death vpon the Crosse. 28. The Father also answering from Heauen to his prayer made to that purpose, 37. yet after al this, the Iewes continve incredulous as Esay propecied of them: 42. though many beleeued, but were ashamed to confesse him. 44. Whereupon he sheweth that it is glorious before God, and saluation to themselues to beleeue in him, and confesse him: and damnable to despise him. 1. The Ghospel vpon Munday in Holy weeke.
Palme sunday eue.
* Mat. 26,6.
Mark 14,3.
Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ therfore sixe daies before the Pasche came to Bethania, where Lazarus was, that had been dead, whom Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ raised.
2. And they made him a supper there: and Martha ministed, but Lazarus was one of them that sate at the table with him.
3. Of this womans extraordinary offices of deuotion, and how acceptable they were to Christ, see the Annot. Mt. 26. Marie therfore tooke a pownd of ointement of right spikenard, pretious, and anointed the feete of Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ, and wiped his feete with her haire: and the house was filled of the odour of ointement.
4. One therfore of his Disciples, Iudas Iscariote, he that was to betray him, said:
5. Why was.
So wicked, couetous, and sacrilegious persons reprehend good men for bestowing their good vpon the Church ornaments &c. vnder pretence of better bestowing them on the poore: such prouide for the poore as Iudas did.
Why was not this ointment sold for three-hundre pence, and giuen to the poore?
6. And he said this, not because he cared for the poore; but because he was A theefe.
Toleration of the euil.
Iudas did not then first perish when he sould our Lord, for he was a theefe before: and being lost he yet followed Christ, not in hart, but in body only. Which our Maister tolerated, to giue vs a lesson to tolerate the il, rather then deuide the body. Aug. tract. 50. in Io.
a theefe, and hauing the purse, caried the things that were put in.
7. Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ therfore said: Let her alone that she may keepe it for the day of my The deuout offices of balming and anointing the dead bodies of the faithful are here also allowed. burial.
8. For the poore you haue alwaies with you; but Not inuisible & moral condition, to receiue almes of you or such like offices for supply of my necessities. me you shal not haue alwaies.
9. A great multitude therfore of the Iewes knew that he was there; and they came, not for Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ only, but that they might see Lazarus, whom he raised from the dead.
10. The Ghospel vpon Saturday in Passion weeke. But the cheefe Priests deuised for to kil Lazarus also:
11. because many for him of the Iewes went away, and beleeued in Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ.
12. Palme sunday. And on the morow a great multitude that was come to the festiual day when they had heard that Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ commeth to Hierusalem,
13. they tooke the * Mat. 21,7.
Mark 11,7.
Luke 19,35.
Psa. 117,26.
boughes of palmes, and went forth to meet him, & cried: Hosanna, Blessed is he that commeth in the name of our Lord, the King of Israel.
14. And Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ found a yong asse, and sate vpon it, as it is written:
15. * Zach. 9,9. Feare not daughter of Sion: behold, thy King commeth sitting vpon as asses colt.
16. These things his Disciples did not know at the first: but when Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ was glorified, then they remembred that these things had been written of him, and these things they did to him.
17. The multitude therfore haue testimonie, which was with him when he called Lazarus out of the graue, and raised him from the dead.
18. For therfore also the multitude came to meete him, because they heard that he had done this signe.
19. The Pharisees therfore said among themselues: Doe you see that we preuaile nothing? Behold the whole world is gone after him.
20. And there were certaine Gentiles of them that We may see there is a great difference where a man pray or adore, at home or in the Church and holy places: when the Gentils also came of deuotion at pilgrim age to the Temple in Hierusalem. came vp to adore in the festiual day.
21. These therfore came to Philippe who was of Bethsaida of Galilee, and desired him, saying: Sir, we are desirous to see Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ.
22. Philippe commeth and telleth Andrew. Againe Andrew & Philippe told Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ.
23. But Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ answered them, saying: The houre is come, that the Sonne of man shal be glorified.
24. The Ghospel for S. Ignatius Febr. 1. And S. Laurence Aug. 10. And for some other martyrs not Bishops Amen, amen I say to you, vnles the graine of wheate falling into the ground, die: it self remaineth alone. but if it die, it bringeth much fruit.
25. He that loueth his life shal lose it: and he that hateth his life in this world, doth keep it to life euerlasting.
26. If any man minister to me, let him follow me: and where I am, there also shal my minister be. If any man minister to me, my Father wil honour him.
27. Now my soule is troubled. And what shal I say? Father, saue me from this houre. But therfore came I into this houre.
28. Father, glorifie thy name. A voice therfore came from Heauen: Both I haue glorified it, and againe I wil glorifie it.
29. The multitude therfore that stood and hear, said that it thundered. Others said, An Angel spake to him.
30. Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ answered, and said: This voice came not for me, but for your sake.
31. The Ghospel vpon Holy Roode day Septemb. 14. in Latin, Exaltatio S. Crucis. Now is the iudgement of the world: now the Prince of this world shal be cast forth/
32. And I, * Iohn 3,14. if I be exalted from the earth, wil draw al things to my self.
33. (And this he said, signifying what death he should die.)
34. The multitude answered him: We haue heard out of the law, that Cʜʀɪꜱᴛ abideth for euer; and how saiest thou: The Sonne of man must be exalted? Who is this Sonne of man?
35. Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ therfore said to them: Yet a litle while, the light is among you. Walke whiles you haue the light, that the darkenesse ouertake you not. And he that walketh in darkenesse, knoweth not whither he goeth.
36. Whiles you haue the light, beleeue in the light, that you may be the children of light. These things Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ spake and he went away, and his himself from them.
37. And whereas he had done so many signes before them, they beleeued not in him:
38. that the saying of Esay the Prophet might be fulfilled, which he said: * Isai. 53,1. Lord, who hath beleeued the hearing of vs?
39. and the arme of our Lord to whom hath it beene reuealed?
40. Therfore they If any man aske (saith S. Augustine) why they could not beleeue: I answer roundly, because they would not Tract. 33. in Io. See the meaning of this speach Annot. Mat. 13,15. Mr. 4,12. could not beleeue, because Esay said againe: * Isai. 6,9.
Mat. 13,14.
Mark 4,12.
Luke 8,10.
Act. 28,27.
He hath blinded their eyes, and indurated their hart: that they may not see with their eyes, nor vnderstand with their hart, and be conuerted, and I heale them.
41. These things said Esaie, when he saw his glorie, & spake of him.
42. But yet of the Princes also many beleeued in him: but This is the case of many principal men in such countries where heresie hath the vpper hand, who know & beleeue the Catholike faith; but making choise rather to keepe mans fauour then Gods, they dare not confesse the same. Such may pray that God and the world agree together: for els it is seen whose part they wil take. for the Pharisees they did not confesse, that they might not be cast out of the Synagogue.
43. For they loued the glorie of men more, then the glorie of God.
44. But Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ cried, and said: He that beleeueth in me, doth not beleeue in me, but in him that sent me.
45. And he that seeth me, seeth him that sent me.
46. I a light am come into this world: that euery one which beleeueth in me, may not remaine in darkenesse.
47. And if any man heare my wordes, and keepe them not: I doe not iudge him. For I came not the iudge the world, but to saue the world.
48. He that despiseth me, & receiueth not my wordes, hath that iudgeth him. the word that I haue spoken, that shal iudge him in the last day.
49. Because of my self I haue not spoken, but the Father that sent me, he gaue me commandement what I should say, and what I should speake.
50. And I know that this commandement is life euerlasting. The things therfore that I speake: as the Father said to me, so doe I speake.