Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Holy Ghospel of Iesvs Christ According to Saint Iohn

HOLY weeke.
He exhorteth them to abide in him (that is his Church, being the true vine, and not the Synagogue of the Iewes any more) 9. and in his loue, louing one another, and keeping his commandements: 13. shewing how much he accounteth of them, bu this that he dieth for them, 15. and reuealeth vnto them the secrets of Heauen, 17. and appointeth their fruit to be perpetual: 18. confirming them also against the persecution & hatred of the obstinate Iewes. 1. The Ghospel for some Martyrs, between Easter & whitsunday.
And on SS. Simon and Iudes eue. Oct. 27.
I AM the true vine; and my Father is the husband-man.
2. The Ghospel vpon S. Georges day. April 22. And for some other Martyrs between Easter & whitsunday. Euery Euery branch in me.
By this it appeareth that Christ hath some branches in his bodie mystical that be fruitles: therfore il liuers also may be members of Christ and the Church, though none can be saued but fruitles branches.
branch in me, not bearing fruit, he wil take it away: & euery one that beareth fruit, he wil purge it, that it may bring More fruit.
This proueth that a iust man may continually increase in iustice & sanctification so long as he liueth.
more fruit.
3. Now you are cleane for the S. Augustine expoundeth it of the Sacramental, word of Baptisme and not as Heretikes doe, of preaching only Tract. 80 in Io. word which I haue spoken to you.
4. Abide in me: and I in you. As the branch can not beare fruit of it self, Vnles it abide.
No saluation out of the Church.
Whosoeuer by Heresie, or Schisme or for anie other cause, is cut off, or separated from the Church, he can do no meritorious work to saluation. Neither can be heard, pray he neuer so much in Schisme, because he is not in the bodie of Christ, which is a condition necessarily required in prayer. ver. 7.
vnles it abide in the vine, so you neither Vnles you abide.
No men sure of perseuerance.
These conditional speeches, if you remain in the vine, if you keep my commandements, and such like, giue vs to wit that we be not sure to persist or perseuere, nor to be saued, but vnder conditions to be fulfilled by vs. Aug. de corrupt. & gra. c. 11.
vnles you abide in me.
5. I am the vine: you the branches. He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same beareth much fruit: for without me you can doe nothing.
6. If any abide not in me: he shal be cast forth as the branch, and shal wither, and they shal gather him vp, and cast him into the fire, and he burneth.
7. If you abide in me, & my wordes abide in you: you shal aske what thing soeuer you wil, and it shal be done to you.
8. In this my Father is glorified; that you bring very much fruit, and become my Disciples.
9. As my Father hath loued me, I also haue loued you. Abide in my loue.
10. If you Keepe my precepts.
Onlie faith sufficeth not to saluation.
This careful and often admonition of keeping his commandements, proueth that a Christian mans life is not only or principally in faith, but in good workes.
keepe my precepts, you shal abide in my loue: as I also haue kept me Fathers precepts, and doe abide in his loue.
11. These things I haue spoken to you, that my ioy may be in you, and your ioy may be filled.
12. * Iohn 13,34. This is my precept, that you loue one another, as I haue loued you.
13. The Ghospel vpon S. Barnabees day, & on the eues of some Apostles. Greater, loue then this no man hath, that a man yeald his life for his freinds.
14. You are my freinds, if you doe the things that I command you.
15. Now I cal you not seruants: for the seruant knoweth not what his Lord doeth. But you I haue called freinds; because al things whatsoeuer I heard of my Father, I haue notified vnto you.
16. You chose not me, but I chose you; and haue appointed you: that you goe, & bring fruit; and your fruit abide: that whatsoeuer you aske the Father in my name, he may giue it you.
17. These things I command you, that you loue one another.
18. The Ghospel vpon SS. Simon and Iudes day. Octob. 28. If the world hate you, know ye that it hath hated me before you.
19. If you hade been of the world, the world would loue his owne. But because you are not of the world, but I haue chosen you out of the world, therfore the world hateth you.
20. Remember my word that I said to you: * Iohn 13,16.
Mat. 10,24.
Luke 6,40.
The seruant is not greater then his Maister. If they haue persecuted me, you also wil they persecute. If they haye kept my Word, He foresheweth that many wil not obey the Churches wordes; & no maruel, because they contemned Christs owne precepts. yours also wil they keepe.
21. But al these things they wil doe to you for my name sake; because they know not him that sent me.
22. If I had not come, and spoken to them, they should not haue sinne: but now they haue no excuse of their sinne.
23. He that hateth me, hateth my Father also.
24. If I had.
If the Iewes had not sinned by refusing Christ, in case he had no done greater miracles then any other: then were it a great folly of Catholikes to beleeue Luthers or Caluins new opinions without any miracles at al.
If I had not done among them workes that no other man hath done, they should not haue sinne: but now both they haue seen, and they doe hath both me and my Father.
25. But that the word may be fulfilled, which is written in their law: * Psa. 24,19.
Act. 2,1.
That they hated me gratis.
26. The Ghospel vpon Sunday within the Octaue, of the Ascension.
And in a Votiue of the B. Trinitie.
But when the Paraclete commeth Whom I wil send.
The Holy Ghost is sent by the Sonne, therfore he preceedeth from him also, as from the Father: though the late Schismatical Greekes thinke otherwise.
whom I wil send you from the Father, the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shal giue testimonie of me:
27. and You shal giue.
He vouchsafeth to ioyne together the testimonie of the Holy Ghost, and of the Apostles: that we may see the testimonie of truth ioyntly to consist in the Holy Ghost and in the Prelates of the Church. See Annot. Act. 15. v. 28.
you shal giue testimonie, because you are with me from the beginning.