Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Holy Ghospel of Iesvs Christ According to Saint Lvke

HOLY weeke.
In Iericho he lodgeth in the house of Zachæus a Publicane, and agaisnt the murmuring Iewes openeth the reasons of his so doing. 11. He sheweth, that the last day should not be yet, 15. and what then in the iudgement he wil doe both to vs of his Church as wel good as bad, 27. and also to the reprobate Iewes. 29. Being now come to the place of his Passion, he entreth (weeping and foretelling the destruction of blind Hierusalem) with triumph as their Christ. 45. He sheweth his zeale for the house of God, and teacheth therein euery day. 47. The rulers would destroy him, but for feare of the people.
1. The Ghospel in the Dedication of a Church, and Anniuersarie therof. AND entring in, he walked through Iericho. 2. And behold a man named Zachæus: and this was a Prince of the Publicans, and he rich. 3. And he sought to see Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ what he was, and he could not for the multitude, because he was litle of stature. 4. And running before, he Went vp.
External deuotion.
Not only inward deuotion of faith and charitie towards Christ, but external offices of seeing, following, touching, receiuing, harbouring him, are recommended to vs in this example: euen so our manifold exteriour deuotion towards his Sacraments, Saints, and seruants, be grateful: specially the endeauour of good people not only to be present at Masse or in the Church, but to be neere the B. Sacrament, and to see it with al reuerence and deuotion according to the order of the Church, much more to receiue it into the house of their body.
went vp into a sycomore tree that he might see him: because he was to passe by it. 5. Zachæus. And when he was come to the place, Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ looking vp, saw him, and said to him Zachæus, come downe in hast: because this day I must abide in thy house. 6. And he in hast came downe, and receiued him reioycing. 7. And when al saw it, they murmured saying, that he turned in, to a man that was a sinner. 8. But Zachæus standing said to our Lord: Behold the halfe of my goods, Lord, I giue to the poore: and if I haue defrauded any man of any thing, I restore fourefold.
That which we giue of our owne, is almes and satisfaction for our sinnes: but that which we restore of il gotten goods by Extortion, Vsurie, Simonie, Bribrie, Theft, or otherwise, that is called here Restoring. And it is of duty and not of free almes, and must be rendred not to whom we list, but to the parties annoyed if it be possible; otherwise it must be bestowed vpon the Poore, or other good vses, according to the aduise of our superiour and such as haue charge of our soules.
But that he yealded fourefold, that was more then he was bound, but very satisfactorie for his former sinnes also. And herewith we may note, that it is not the giuing of a peny, grote, or crowne, of a rich mans superfluitie, that is so much recommended to sinners for redeeming their faultes: but this large bestowing vpon Christ, to sel al and giue it in almes, to giue the moytie of our goodes, to render foure times so much for that which is wrongfully gotten, that extinguisheth sinnes. *The poore widowes brasse peny was very grateful, because it was al or much of that she had: but the rich mans pound of his superfluitie, though it be good, yet is nothing so grateful.
*Luke 21,3.
I restore fourefold. 9. Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ said to him: That this day saluation is made to this house: because that he also is the sonne of Abraham. 10. * Mat. 18,32. For the Sonne of man is come to seeke and to saue that which was lost. 11. The Ghospel for S. Lewes the King of France, Augu. 25. And for some other Confessours not Bishops. They hearing these things, he added and spake a parable, for that he was nigh to Hierusalem, and because they thought that forthwith the Kingdom of God should be manifested. 12. He said therfore: * Mat. 25,14. A certaine noble man went into a farre countrie to take to him self a Kingdom, and to returne. 13. And calling his ten seruants, he gaue them ten poundes, and said to them: Occupie til I come. 14. And his citizens hated him: and they sent a legacie after him, saying: We wil not haue this man reigne ouer vs. 15. And it came to passe after he returned, hauing receiued his Kingdom: and he commanded his seruants to be called, to whom he gaue the money; that he might know how much euery man had gained by occupying. 16. And the first came, saying: Lord thy pound hath gotten ten poundes. 17. And he said to him: Welfare thee good seruant, because thou hast been faithful in a litle, thou shalt haue power ouer Marke here against the aduersaries, that the rewards of these two good seruants be diuers and vnequal, according to the diuersitie or inequalitie of their gaines, that is, their merites: and yet one receiueth the peny (Mat. 29,9.) as well as the other, that is, Heauen or life euerlasting. ten cities. 18. And the second came saying: Lord, thy pound hath made fiue poundes. 19. And he said to him: And be thou ouer fiue cities. 20. And an other came, saying: Lord, loe here thy pound, which I haue had laid vp in a napkin. 21. For I feared thee, because thou art an austere man: thou takest vp that thou didst not set downe, and thou reapest that which thou didst not sow. 22. He saith to him: By thine owne mouth I uidge thee, naughtie seruant. Thou didst know that I am an austere man, taking vp that I set not downe, and reaping that which I sowed not: 23. and why didst thou not giue my money to the banke, and I comming might certes with vsurie haue exacted it? 24. See annotations Mat. 25,29 &c. And he said to them that stood by: Take the pound away from him, and giue it to him that hath ten poundes 25. And they said to him: Lord, he hath ten poundes. 26. But I say to you, that to euery one that hath shal be giuen: and from him that hath not, that also which he shal be taken from him. 27. But as for those mine enemies that would not haue me reigne ouer them, bring them hither; and kil them before me. 28. The fifth part of this Ghospel. Of the Holy weeke of his Passion in Hierusalem. PALME sunday. And hauing said these things, he went before ascending to Hierusalem. 29. And it came to passe * Mat. 21,1.
Mark 11,1.
Iohn 12,1.
when he was come nigh to Bethphage and Bathania vnto the mount called Oliuet, he sent two of his Disciples, 30. saying: Goe into the towne which is ouer against, into the which as you enter, you shal find the colt of an asse tied, on which no man euer hath sitten: loose him, and bring him. 31. And if any man aske you: Why loose you him? You shal say thus to him: Because our Lord needeth his seruice. 32. And they that were sent, went their waies, and found as he said to them, the colt standing. 33. And when they loosed the colt, the owners thereof said to them: Why loose you the colt? 34. But they said: Because our Lord hath need of him. 35. And they brought him to Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ. And casting their garments vpon the colt, they set Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ thereupon. 36. And as he went, they spred their garments vnderneath in the way. 37. And when he approched now to the descent of mount-Oliuet, al the multitudes of 'his Disciples' them that descended, began with ioy to praise God with a loud voice, for al the miracles that they had seen, 38. saying: Blessed is he that commeth King in the name of our Lord, peace in Heauen, and glorie on high. 39. And certaine Pharisees of the multitudes said to him: Maister, rebuke thy Disciples. 40. To whom he said: I say to you, that if these hold their peace, the stones shal crie. 41. The Ghospel vpon the 9. Sunday after Pentecost. And as he drew neere, seeing the citie, he wept vpon it, saying, 42. Because if thou also hadst knowen, and that in this thy day, the things that pertaine to thy peace: but now they are hid from thine eyes. 43. For This was fulfilled 40 yeares after the death of Christ by Titus and Vespasianus, when besides incredible miseries of famine and other distresses, there perished eleuen hundred thousand, and were taken captiues 97000, the siege beginning in the same feast and greatest solemnitie of Easter when they put Christ to death. Euseb. li. 3. hist. c. 6. 7. 8. Ioseph. li. 7. c. 17. the daies shal come vpon thee: and thy enemies shal compasse thee with a with a trenche, and inclose thee about, and straiten thee on euery side, 44. and beat thee flat to the ground, and thy children that are in thee: and they shal not leaue in thee a stone vpon a stone, because thou hast not knowen the time of thy visitation. 45. * MVNDAY.
Mat. 21,12.
Mark 11,15.
And entring into the Temple, he began to cast out the sellers therein and the buyers, 46. saying to them: It is written, * Isai. 56,7. That my house is the house of praier. But you haue made it * Ier. 7,11. a denne of theeues. 47. And he was teaching daily in the Temple. And the cheefe Priests and the Scribes and the Princes of the people sought to destroy him: 48. and they found not what to doe to him. For al the people was suspense, hearing him.