Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Holy Ghospel of Iesvs Christ According to Saint Lvke

He teacheth a forme of prayer, 5. and exhorteth to pray instantly, 11. assuring that so God wil giue vs good things. 14. The Iewes blaspheming his casting out of Diuels, and asking for a miracle from Heauen, 17. he defendeth his doing: 22. foretelling also the Diuels expulsion by him out of the world (that is, the vocation of the Gentils) 24. and his reentrie into their Nation, 27. with their reprobation though he be of their flesh, 29. and also their final most worthy damnation. 37. Againe, to the Pharisees and Scribes he crieth woe, as authours of the said reprobation now at hand.
1. AND it came to passe, when he was in a certaine place praying, as he ceased, one of his Disciples said to him: Lord teach vs to pray, as Iohn also taught his Disciples. 2. And he said to them: * Mat. 6,9. When you pray, say, Fᴀᴛʜᴇʀ, sanctified be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, 3. Our daily bread giue vs this day, 4. and forgiue vs our sinnes, for because our selues also doe forgiue euery one that is in debt to vs. And lead vs not into temptation. 5. The Ghospel in Maioribus litanijs on S. Markes day, and in the Rogation daies. And in a votiue Masse against the Pagans. And he said to them: Which of you shal haue a freind, and shal goe to him at midnight, and shal say to him, Freind, lend me three loaues, 6. because a freind of mine is come out of his way to me, and I haue not what set before him: 7. and he from within answering saith: Trouble me not, now the doore is shut, and my children are with me in bed; I can not rise and giue thee. 8. And if he shal perseuer knocking, I say to you, although he wil not rise and giue him as many as he needeth. 9. The Ghospel in a votiue Masse for remission of sinnes. * Mat. 7,7. And I say to you, Aske, and it shal be giuen you: seeke, and you shal find: knock, and it shal be opened to you. 10. For euery one that asketh, receiueth: and he that seeketh, findeth: and to him that knocketh, it shal be opened. 11. And which of you if he aske his father bread, wil he giue him a stone? or a fish, wil he for a fish giue him a serpent? 12. Or if he aske an egge, wil he reach him a scorpion? 13. If you then being naught, know how to giue good guiftes to your children, how much more wil your father from Heauen giue the good Spirit to them that aske him? 14. The Ghospel vpon the 3. Sunday in Lent. * Mat. 12,22. And he was casting out a Diuel, and that was dumme. And when he had cast out the Diuel, the dumme spake: and the multitudes marueled. 15. * Mark 3,22. And certaine of them said: In Beel-zebub the prince of Diuels he casteth out Diuels. 16. And other tempting, asked of him a signe from Heauen. 17. But he seeing their cogitations, said to them: Euery Kingdom deuided against itself, shal be made desolate, and house vpon οἶκος ἐπὶ οἶκον. house, shal fal. 18. And if Satan also be deuided against himself, how shal his Kingdom stand? because you say that in Beel-zebub I doe cast out Diuels. 19. And if I in Beel-zebub cast out Diuels: your children, in whom doe they cast out? therfore they shal be your iudges. 20. But if I in the This finger is the Spirit of God, Mat, 12,28. finger of God doe cast out Diuels; surely the Kingdom of God is come vpon you. 21. When the strong armed keepeth his court, those things are in peace that he possesseth. 22. But if a stronger then he come vpon him and ouercome him; he wil take away his whole armour wherein he trusted, and wil distribute his spoiles. 23. He that is not with me, is against me: and he that gathereth not with me, scattereth. 24. When the vncleane spirit shal depart out of a man, he wandereth through places without water, seeking rest. And not finding, he saith, I wil returne into my house whence I departed. 25. And when he is come, he findeth it swept with a besome, and trimmed. 26. Then he goeth and taketh seuen other spirits worse then himself, and entring in they dwel there. And the nouissima siunt last of that man be made worse then the first. 27. The Ghospel in Dedicatione B. Mariæ ad Niues, Aug. 5. and vpon Assumption eue, and in a Votiue of our Ladie between Candlemasse and Easter, and between Pentecost and Aduent. And it came to passe, when he said these things, a certaine woman lifting vp her voice out of the multitude said to him: Blessed is the wombe.
Our B. Lady.
Let vs also (saith Venerable Bede) lift vp our voice with the Catholike Church, of which this woman was a figure; let vs lift vp our hartes among the people, and say to our Sauiour: Blessed be the wombe that bare thee, and the paps which thou didst sucke. For blessed indeed is the mother which bare the King that ruleth Heauen and earth for euer.
Beda vpon this place.
Blessed is the wombe that bare thee, and the paps that thou didst sucke. 28. But he said: The said mother of God, in that also was Blessed that she was the temporal meanes and minister of the Incarnation, but much more Blessed, in that she continueth the perpetual keeper of his word, Beda, Aug. tract. 19. in Ioan. Yea rather, blessed are they that heare the word of God, and keepe it. 29. And the multitudes running together, he began to say: * Mat. 12,29. This Generation, is a wicked Generation it asketh a signe, and a signe shal not be giuen it but the The signe of Ionas.
The signe of Ionas.
Let vs also (saith Venerable Bede) lift vp our voice with the Catholike Church, of which this woman was a figure; let vs lift vp our hartes among the people, and say to our Sauiour: Blessed be the wombe that bare thee, and the paps which thou didst sucke. For blessed indeed is the mother which bare the King that ruleth Heauen and earth for euer.
Beda vpon this place.
signe of Ionas the Prophet. 30. * Iohn. 2,2. For as Ionas was a signe to the Niniuites; so shal the Sonne of man also be to this Generation. 31. * 3. King. 10,1. The Queene of the South shal rise in the iudgement with the men of this Generation, and shal condemne them: because she came from the endes of the earth to heare the wisedom of Salomon. And behold, more then Salomon here. 32. The men of Niniuee shal rise in the iudgement with this Generation, and shal condemne it, * Iohn. 3,5. because they μετενόησαν.
Mark that the great pennance of the Niniuites (Ionæ 3.) is here expressed by this Greek word. See Annot. Mat. 3,2.
did pennance at the preaching of Ionas. And behold, more then Ionas here. 33. The Ghospel vpon S. Martins day. Nouem. 11. and for some other Confessours Bishops. * Mat. 5,15.
Mark 4,21.
No man lighteth a candle, and putteth it in secret, neither vnder a bushel: but vpon a candlesticke, that they that goe in may see the light. 34. * Mat. 6,22. The candle of thy body is thine eye. If thine eye be simple, thy whole body shal be lightsome: but if it be naught, thy body also shal be darkesome. 35. See therfore that the light which is in thee, be not darkenesse. 36. If then thy whole body be lightsome, hauing no part of darkenesse: it shal be lightsome wholy, and as a bright candel it shal lighten thee. 37. And when he was speaking, a certaine Pharisee desired him that he would dine with him. And he going in sate downe to eate. 38. And the Pharisee began to thinke within himself and to say: Why he was not washed before dinner. 39. And our Lord said to him: * Mat. 23,25. Now you Pharisees doe make cleane that on the out side of the cup and of the platter; but that of yours which is within, is ful of rapine and iniquitie. 40. Fooles, did not he that made that on the out side, make that also that is on the inside? 41. But yet Quod superest,
τὰ ἐνόντα.
that that remaineth, Giue almes.
The force of the almes.
The great force of almes is here and in diuers places of holy writ signified. In one place, they extinguish sinne: in another, they redeeme sinnes: in another, they deliuer from death: in another, to them giuen or omitted, our iudgement to Heauen or Hel is attributed: and here they make cleane and satisfie for the Iewes former offenses. For (as S. Augustine saith c. 70 Enchiridij) almes-deedes profit not a man that hath a wil to continue in his sinnes, but they are to be done for a propitiation to God of former offenses. Now how wel the Protestants like this doctrine so euidently set forth in Scripture, let the indifferent iudge, and how wel it agreeth with their only faith.
Eccl. 3,33.
Dan. 4,24.
Tob. 4,11.
Ecc. 29,15.
Mat. 25,35,42.
giue almes, & behold al things are cleance vnto you. 42. But woe to you Pharisees, because you tithe mint and rew and euery herbe: and passe ouer iudgement and the charitie of God. But these thigns you ought to haue done, and not to omit those. 43. Woe to you Pharisees, because you loue the first chaires in the Synagogues, and salutations in the market place. 44. Woe to you, because you are as monuments that appeare not, and men walking ouer, are not ware. 45. The Ghospel for many Martyrs. And one of the Lawyers answering saith to him: Maister, in saying these things, thou speakest to our reproch also. 46. But he said: Woe to you Lawyers.
The Lawyers and Priests of the old Testament.
These were Doctours of Moyses Law, otherwise called Scribes. Shal we therfore crie out against al Lawyers now, or ought the name of Lawyer be odious with vs, because of these naughty Lawyers among the Iewes? much lesse ought the name of Priests to be odious (as Heretikes would haue it) because of the Iewes Priests that were so busy against our Sauiour.
Woe to you Lawyers also: because you load men with burdens which they can not beare, and your selues touch not the packes with one of your fingers. 47. Woe to you that Not the building of the Prophets monuments is condemned, but their imitation of their fathers that slew the Prophets. Ambros. build the monuments of the Prophets: and your fathers did kil them. 48. Surely you doe testifie that you consent to the workes of your fathers: because they indeed did kil them, and you build their sepulchres. 49. For this cause the wisedom also of God said, I wil send to them Prophets and Apostles, and of them they wil kil and persecute. 50. That the bloud of al the Prophets that was shed from the making of the world, may be required of this Generation, 51. * Gen. 4,5. from the * 2. Para. 24,22. bloud of Abel vnto the bloud of Zacharie that was slaine between the Altar and the Temple. Yea I say to you, it shal be required of this Generation. 52. Woe to you Lawyers, because you haue taken away the key of knowledge: your selues haue not entred, & those that did enter you haue prohibited. 53. And when he said these things to them, the Pharisees & the Lawyers began vehemently to vrge him, & to stop his mouth about many things, 54. lying in waite for him, and seeking to catch something of his mouth, that they might accuse him.