Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Holy Ghospel of Iesvs Christ According to Saint Lvke

So damnable it is to be authour of a Schisme, 3. that we must rather forgiue be it neuer so often. 5. We must be feruent in faith, and humble withal, knowing that we are bound to God, and not he to vs. 11. The nine Iewes are vngrateful after that he hath cured their leprosie: but the one Samaritane (the one Catholike Church of the Gentils) far otherwise. 20. The Pharisees asking, when commeth this Kingdom of God (of whose approching they had now heard so much) he teacheth that God must reigne within vs: 22. and warneth vs after his Passion neuer to goe out of his Catholike Church for any new secret comming of Christ that Heretikes shal pretend, but only to expect his second comming in glorie, 26. preparing our selues vnto it, because it shal come vpon many vnprouided, 31. specially through the persecution of Antichrist a litle before it.
1. * Mat. 18,7.
Mark 9,42.
And he said to his Disciples: It is Not of mere necessitie, for then it were no fault: but presupposing the great wickednes of men, it is impossible but there shal be scandals, and therfore it followeth, woe to him by whom they come. impossible that scandal should not come: but woe to him by whom they come. 2. It is more profitable for him, if a mil-stone be out about his necke, and he be cast into the sea, then that he scandalize one of these litle ones. 3. Looke wel to your selues. * Mat. 18,21. If thy brother sinne against thee seuen times in a day, and seuen times in a day be conuerted vnto thee, saying, It repenteth me, forgiue him. 4. And if he sinne against thee seuen times in a day, and seuen times in a day be conuerted vnto thee, saying, It repenteth me, forgiue him. 5. And the Apostles said to our Lord: Increase faith in vs. 6. And our Lord said: * Mat. 17,20. If you had faith like to a mustard-seed, you might say to this mulberie tree, be thou rooted vp, and be transplanted into the sea: and it would obey you. 7. And which of you hauing a seruant plowing or keeping cattle, that wil say to him returning out of the field: Passe quickly, sit downe: 8. and saith not to him: Make ready supper, and gird thy self, and serue me whiles I eate and drinke, and afterward thou shalt eate and drinke? 9. Doth he giue that seruant thankes, for doing the things which he commanded him? 10. I trow not: So you also, when you shal haue done al things that are commanded of you, say: We are Vnprofitable seruants.
How we are vnprofitable and profitable seruants.
If our Sauiour had said that the keeping of Gods commandements had bene vnprofitable and not auailable to our selues, then might the Protestant haue truly argued thereby that our workes deserue not Heauen or any reward at Gods hand: but so he said not, but that our seruice is to God vnprofitable, who calleth for it as duty, and not as a thing needful or profitable to himself. And though here our Maister teach vs so humbly to conceiue of our owne doings toward him, yet him self elswhere calleth not his seruants vnprofitable when they haue done their labour, but speaketh thus, *Good and faithful seruant, because thou wast faithful in a litle, I wil place thee ouer much: enter into the ioy of thy Lord. Yea of such as serue him in the grace of the new Testament, he affirmeth that he wil not now **name them seruants but freinds, yea and take them for his owne children, and as his freinds and sonnes he counteth of vs and our workes towards heauen, though we in humilitie and truth must confesse alwayes that we be to him vnprofitable seruants. Yea and S. Paul saith plainly, that by cleansing ourselues from sinful workes we shal be profitable vessels to our lord. 2 Tim. 2,21.
*Mat. 25,21.
**Iohn 14,15.
vnprofitable seruants; we haue done that which we ought to doe. 11. The fourth part of this Ghospel. The comming of Christ into Iewrie, towardes his Passion.
The Ghospel vpon the 13. Sunday after Pentecost.
And it came to passe, as he went vnto Hierusalem, he passed through the middes of Samaria and Galilee. 12. And when he entred into a certaine towne, there met him ten men that were lepers, who stood farre off; 13. and they lifted vp their voice, saying: Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ Maister, haue mercie on vs. 14. Whom as he saw, he said: Goe, * Leu. 14,2. shew your selues to the To the Priests.
Confession to the Priest.
This leprosie signifieth sinne, which though God may and can heale without any mans meanes, yet he doth it not ordinarily but by the Priests ministerie: therfore let no man despise Gods ordinance, nor say that it is enough to confesse to God though he neuer come at the Priest. Li. de visit. infirm. apud August.
Priests. And it came to passe, As they went.
A man may sometimes be so contrite and penitent, that his sinne is forgiuen before he come to the Priest, but then also he must notwithstanding goe to the Priest, as these lepers did: specially whereas we are neuer sure how contrite we are, and because there is no true contrition, but with desire also of the Sacrament in time and place.
as they went, they were made cleane. 15. And one of them as he saw that he was made cleane, went-backe with a loud voice magnifying God, 16. and he fel on his face before his feet, giuing thankes: and this was a Samaritane. 17. And Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ answering said: Were not ten made cleane? and where are the nine? 18. There was not found that returned, and gaue glorie to God, but this stranger. 19. And he said to him: Arise, goe thy waies; because And yet we see here it was not only by faith, but also his thankfulnes and returning to giue glorie to God. thy faith hath made thee safe. 20. And being asked of the Pharisees: when commeth the Kingdom of God? he answered them and said: The Kingdom of God commeth not with obseruation: 21. neither shal they say: Lor here, or loe there. For Whiles they talke and looke for a temporal Kingdom in pompe and glorie, loe their King and Messias was now among them: whose spiritual Kingdom is within al the faithful that haue dominion ouer sinne. loe the Kingdom of God is within you. 22. And he said to his Disciples: The daies wil come when you shal desire to see one day of the Sonne of man; and you shal not see. 23. * Mat. 24,22.
Mark 13,21.
And they wil say to you: Loe here and loe there. No man must runne out of the Church after Schismatikes to heare them preach Christ in corners, Christs doctrine being open in al the world. See annot. Mat. 24,23. Goe not, neither doe ye follow after. 24. For euen as the lightening that lightneth from vnder Heauen, vnto those partes that are vnder Heauen, shineth: so shal the Sonne of man be in his day. 25. But first he must suffer many things and be reiected of this Generation. 26. And as it came to passe in the * Gen. 7,5. daies of Noe, so shal it be also in the dayes of the Sonne of man. 27. They did eate and drinke, they did marie wiues and were giuen to mariage euen vntil the day that Noe entred into the arke: and the floud came, and destroyed them al. 28. Likewise as it came to passe in the * Gen. 19,24. daies of Lot: They did eate and drinke, bought and sould, planted, and builded: 29. and in the day that Lot went out from Sodome, it rained fire & brimstone from Heauen, & destroyed them al: 30. according to these things it shal be in the day that the Sonne of man shal be reuealed. 31. In that houre he that shal be in the house-top, and his vessel in the house, let him not goe downe to take them vp: & he that is in the field, in like manner let him not returne backe. 32. Be mindful of Lots wife. 33. Whosoeuer seeketh to saue his life, shal lose it: and Whosoeuer doth lose the same, shal quicken it. 34. I say to you, in that night there shal be two in one bed: the one shal be taken, and the other shal be left: 35. two women shal be grinding together: the one shal be taken, and the other shal be left. 36. They answering say to him: Where Lord? 37. Who said to them: Wheresoeuer the body shal be, thither wil the eagles also be gathered together.