Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Holy Ghospel of Iesvs Christ According to Saint Matthew

S. Matthewes Ghospel may be wel diuided into fiue partes. The first parte, as touching the Infancie of our Lord Iesus: Chap. 1. and 2. The second, of the preparation that was made to his manifestation: chap. 3. and a piece of the 4. The third, of his manifesting of him selfe by preaching and miracles, and that in Galilee: the other piece of the 4. chap. vnto the 19. The fourth, of his comming into Iurie, toward of his Passion: chap. 19. and 20. The fifth, of the Holy weeke of his Passion in Hierusalem: chap. 21. vnto the end of the booke. OF S. Matthew we haue Mat. 9. Mar. 2. Luc. 5. How being before a Publican, he was called of our Lord, and made a Disciple. Then Luk. 6. Mar. 3. Mat. 10. How out of the whole number of the Disciples he was chosen to be one of the twelue Apostles. And out of them againe he was chosen (and none but he and S. Iohn) to be one of the foure Euangelistes. Among them foure also, he was the first that wrote, about 8. or 10. yeares after Christes Ascension.