Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Epistle of Saint Pavl the Apostle to the Hebrews

That they must feare to be excluded out of the foresaid rest (which he proueth out of the psalme) 12 considering that Christ seeth their must inward secrets. 14 And that he (as their Priest who also himself suffered) is able and ready to strengthen them in confession of their faith.
1. LET vs feare therfore lest perhaps forsaking the promise of entring into his rest, some of you be thought to be wanting.
2. For to vs also it hath been denounced, as also to them. But the word of hearing did not profit them, not mixt with faith of those things which they heard.
3. For we that haue beleeued, shal enter into the rest: as he said, Ps. 94,11. As I sware in my wrath, if they shal enter into my rest: & truely the workes from the foundation of the world being perfited.
4. For he said in a certaine place of the seuenth If the Apostle had not euidently here shewed that the Sabboths rest was a figure of the eternal repose in heauen, who durst to haue applied that Scripture of Gods rest the seuenth day, to that purpose? Or how can our Aduersaries now reprehend the like application manyfoldly vsed in al holy ancient Writers to the like end? day thus: Gen. 2,2. And God rested the seuenth day from al his workes.
5. And againe in this, If they shal enter into my rest.
6. Because then it remaineth that certaine enter into it, and they to whom first it was preached, did not enter because of incredulitie:
7. againe he limiteth a certaine day: Today, in Dauid saying, after so long time, as is aboue said, Heb. 3,7. To day if you shal heare his voice: doe not obdurate your hartes.
8. For if So Iosue is called in Greeke. Iesus had giuen them rest: he would neuer speake of another day afterward.
9. Therfore there is left a sabbatisme for the people of God.
10. For he that is entred into his rest, the same also hath rested from his workes, as God from his.
11. Let vs hasten therfore to enter into that rest: that no man fal into the same example of incredulitie.
12. For Whatsoeuer God threatneth by his word concerning the punishment of sinne and incredulitie, shal be executed, be the offense neuer so secret, deepe, or hidden in our harts because Gods speach passeth easily and searcheth throughly euery part, power, and facultie of mans soul. the word of God is liuely and forcible, and more persing then any two-edged sword: & reaching vnto the diuision of the soule and the spirit, of the ioynts also and the marowes, and a discerner of the cogitations and intents of the hart.
13. And there is no creature inuisible in his sight. But al things are naked and open to his eyes, to whom our speach is.
14. The Epistle in a Masse for the election of the Pope. Hauing therfore a great high Priest that hath entred the heauens, Iesvs the Sonne of God, let vs hold the confession.
15. For we haue not a high Priest that can not haue compassion on our infirmities: but tempted in al things by similitude, except sinne.
16. Let vs goe with confidence.
Scripture abused against inuocation of Saints.
The Aduersaries go about to proue by these vvordes that vve neede no helpe of Saincts to obtaine any thing, Christ him self being so readie, and vve being admonished to come to him vvith confidence as to a most merciful Mediator and Bishop. But by that argument they may as vvel take avvay the helpes and praiers of the liuing one for an other. And vve do not require the helpe either of the Saincts in heauen, or of our brethren in earth, for any mistrust of Gods mercie, but for our ovvne vnvvorthines: being assured that the praier of a iust man auaileth more vvith him, then the desire of a greuous sinner: and of a number making intercession together, rather then of a man alone. vvhich the Heretikes can not deny except they reproue the plaine Scriptures. Neither do vve come lesse to him, or vvith lesse confidence, vvhen vve come accompanied vvith the praiers of Angels, Saincts, Priests, or iust men ioyning vvith vs, as they fondly imagine and pretend: but vvith much more affiance in his grace, mercie, and merites, then if vve praied our selues alone.
Let vs goe therfore with confidence to the throne of grace: that we may obteine mercie and find grace in seasonable aid.