Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Epistle of Saint Pavl the Apostle to the Hebrews

He commendeth vnto them mutual loue, 2. hospitality, 3. compassion, 4. chastitie, 5. contention, 7. imitation of the faith of their Catholike Prelates and Martyrs (not harning to the doctrines of Heretikes, nor fearing the casting out of the Iewes Synagogue) 17. and obedience to their present Pastours. 18. And so with requesting their praiers, and praing for them, he endeth the Epistle.
1. LET the charitie of the fraternitie abide in you.
2. And hospitalitie doe not forget, for by this certaine being not aware, haue receiued Angels to harbour.
3. Remember them in bands, as if you were bound with them; & them that labour, as your selues also remaining in bodie.
4. Marriage honourable in al, & the bed vndefiled. For, fornicatours and aduouterers God wil iudge.
5. Let your manners be without auarice: contented with things present. For he said, I wil not leaue thee, neither wil I forsake thee.
6. So that we doe confidently say: Our Lord is my helper: I wil not feare what man shal doe to me.
7. Remember your Prelates, which haue spoken the word of God to you: the end of whose conuersation beholding, imitate their faith.
8. Iesvs Christ yesterday, and to day: the same also for euer.
9. With various & strange doctrines be not led away. For it is best that the hart be established with grace, not with meats: which haue not profited those that walke in them.
10. We haue an altar: whereof they haue not power to eate which serue the tabernacle.
11. For the bodies of those beasts, whose bloud for sinne is caried into the holies by the high Priest, are burned without the camp.
12. For the which thing Iesvs also, that he might sanctifie the people by his owne bloud, suffered without the gate.
13. Let vs goe forth therfore to him without the camp; carrying his reproche.
14. For we haue not here a permanent citie: but we seeke that which is to come.
15. By him therfore let vs offer the host of praise alwaies to God, that is to say, the fruits of lips confessing to his name.
16. And beneficence and communication doe not forget, for with such hostes God is promerited.
17. Obey your Prelates, and be subiect to them. For they watch as being to render account for your soules: that they may doe this with ioy, and not mourning. For this is not expedient for you.
18. Pray for vs. For we haue confidence that we haue a good conscience, willing to conuerse wel in al.
19. And I beseech you the more to doe this, that I may the more speedily be restored to you.
20. And the God of peace which brought out from the dead the great Pastour of the sheep, in the bloud of the eternal testament, our Lord Iesvs Christ,
21. fit you in al goodnes, that you may doe his wil doing in you that which may please before him by Iesvs Christ: to whom is glorie for euer and euer. Amen.
22. And I desire you, Brethren, that you suffer the word of consolation. For in very few words haue I written to you.
23. Know you our brother Timothee to be dismissed: with whom (if he come the sooner) I wil see you.
24. Salute al your Prelates, and al the Saints. The Brethren of Italie salute you.
25. Grace be with you al. Amen.