Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Epistle of Saint Pavl the Apostle to the Hebrews

Because in the yearely feast of Expiation was only a commemoration of sinnes, therfore in place of al those old Sacrifices the Psalme telleth vs of the oblation of Christes body. 10. Which he offered bloudily but once (the Leuitical Priests offering so euery day) because that once was sufficient for euer, 15. in that it purchased (as the Prophet also witnesseth) remission of sinnes. 19. After al this he prosecuteth and exhorteth them vnto perseuerance, partly with the opening of Heauen by our high Priest, 26. partly with the terrour of damnation if they fal againe: 32. bidding them remember how much they had suffered already, and not lose their reward.
1. FOR the law hauing a shadow of good things to come, not the very image of the things: euery yeare with the self-same hosts which they offer incessantly, can neuer make the commers thereto perfect:
2. otherwise they should haue ceased to be offered, because the worshippers once cleansed should haue no conscience of sinne any longer.
3. But in them there is made a commemoration of sinnes euery yeare.
4. For it is impossible that with the bloud of oxen and goats sinnes should be taken away.
5. Therfore comming into the world he saith: Host and oblation thou wouldest not: but a body thou hast fitted to me:
6. Holocausts and for sinne did not please thee.
7. Then said I, Behold I come: in the head of the booke it is written of me: That I may doe thy wil, o God.
8. Saying before, Because hosts and oblations & holocausts, & for sinne thou wouldest not, neither did they please thee, which are offered according to the law,
9. then said I, Behold I come that I may doe thy wil, o God: he taketh away the first, that he may establish that that felloweth.
10. In the which wil, we are sanctified by the oblation of the body of Iesvs Christ once.
11. And euery Priest indeed is ready daily ministring, and often offering the same hosts, which can neuer take away sinnes:
12. but This offering one host for sinnes, for euer sitteth on the right hand of God,
13. hence-forth expecting, vntil his enemies be put the foot-stool of his feet.
14. For by one oblation hath he consummated for euer them that are sanctified.
15. And the Holy Ghost also doth testifie to vs. For after that he said:
16. And this is the Testament which I wil make to them after those daies, saith our Lord, giuing my lawes in their harts, and in their minds wil I superscribe them:
17. and their sinnes and iniquities I wil now remember no more.
18. But where there is remission of these, now there is not an oblation for sinnes.
19. Hauing therfore, Brethren, confidence in the entring of the Holies in the bloud of Christ:
20. which he hath dedicated to vs a new & liuing way by the veile, that is, his flesh,
21. and a high Priest ouer the house of God,
22. let vs approche with a true hart in fulnesse of faith, hauing our harts sprinkled from euil conscience, and our body washed with cleane water.
23. Let vs hold the confession of our hope vndeclining (for he is faithful that hath promised)
24. and let vs consider one another vnto the prouocation of charitie and of good workes:
25. not forsaking our assemblie as some are accustomed, but comforting, and so much the more as you see the day approching.
26. For if we sinne willingly after the knowledge of the truth receiued, now there is not left an host for sinnes,
27. but a certaine terrible expectation of iudgement & rage of fire, which shal consume the aduersaries.
28. A man making the Law of Moyses frustrate, without any mercie dieth vnder two or three witnesses.
29. How much more thinke you, doth he deserue worse punishements which hath troden the Sonne of God vnder-foot, and esteemed the bloud of the Testament polluted, wherein he is sanctified, and hath done contumelie to the Spirit of grace?
30. For we know him that said, Reuenge to me, I wil repay. And againe, That our Lord wil iudge his people.
31. It is horrible to fal into the hands of the liuing God.
32. But cal to mind the old daies: wherein being illuminated, you sustained a great fight of passions.
33. And on the one part certes by reproches and tribulations made a spectacle; & on the other part made companions of them that conuersed in such sort.
34. For, you both had compassion on them that were in bands: and the spoile of your owne goods you tooke with ioy, knowing that you haue a better and a permanent substance.
35. Doe not therfore leese your confidence, which hath a great remuneration.
36. For patience is necessarie for you: that doing the wil of God, you may receiue the promise.
37. For yet a litle and a very litle while, he that is to come, wil come, and wil not slacke.
38. And my iust liueth of faith: but if he withdraw himself, he shal not please my soule.
39. But we are not the children of withdrawing vnto perdition: but of faith to the winning of the soule.