Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Epistle of Saint Pavl to the Ephesians

For witnessing the vocation of the Gentils, as being the Apostle of the Gentils, he is in prison: 13. wherein the Gentils therfore haue cause to reioyce, rather then to shrinke. So he saith, 14. and also praith to God (who is Almightie) to confirme their inward man, though the outward be infirmed by persecution.
1. FOR this cause, I Paul the prisoner of Iesvs Christ, for you Gentils:
2. if yet you haue heard the dispensation of the grace of God, which is giuen me toward you.
3. because according to reuelation the sacrament was made knowen to me, as I haue written before in briefe:
4. according as you reading may vnderstand my wisedom in the mysterie of Christ,
5. which vnto other Generations was not knowen to the sonnes of men, as now it is reuealed to his holy Apostles, and Prophets in the Spirit.
6. The Gentils to be coheires and concorporate and comparticipant of his promise in Christ Iesvs by the Ghospel:
7. wherof I am made a Minister according to the guift of the grace of God, which is giuen me according to the operation of his power.
8. To me the least of al the Saints is giuen this grace, among the Gentils to euangelize the vnsearcheable riches of Christ,
9. & to illuminate al men what is the dispensation of the sacrament hidden from worlds in God, who created al things:
10. that the manifold wisedom of God, may be notified to the Princes & Potestates in the Celestials by the Church,
11. according to the prefinition of worlds, which he made in Christ Iesvs our Lord.
12. In whom we haue affiance and accesse in confidence by the faith of him.
13. For the which cause I desire that you faint not in my tribulations for you, which is your glorie.
14. For this cause I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Iesvs Christ,
15. of whom al paternitie in the Heauens and in earth is named,
16. that he giue you according to the riches of his glorie, power to be fortified by his Spirit in the inner man.
17. Christ to dwel by faith in your harts rooted and founded in charitie,
18. that you may be able to comprehend with al the Saints, what is the bredth, and length, and height and depth,
19. to know also the charitie of Christ, surpassing knowledge, that you may be filled vnto al the fulnes of God.
20. And to him that is able to doe al things more aboundantly then we desire or vnderstand, according to the power that worketh in vs:
21. to him be glorie in the CHVRCH, and in Christ Iesvs, vnto al Generations world without end. Amen.