Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Actes of the Apostles

The Rulers of the Iewes oppose themselues and imprison Peter & Iohn 4. But yet thousands of the people are conuerted: 5. and to the Rulers also Peter boldly auoucheth by the foresaid miracle, that IESVS is Christ, telling them of their heinous fault out of the Psalmes, & that without him they can not be saued. 13. They though confounded with the miracle, yet proceed in their obstinancie, forbidding them to speake any more of IESVS, adding also threates. 23. whereupon the Church flyeth to praier, wherein they comfort themselues with the omnipotencie of God, and prediction of Dauid, and aske for the guift of boldnes and miracles against those threates. 31. And God sheweth miraculously that he hath heard their praier. 34. The whole Churches vnitie and communitie of life. 36. Of Barnabas by name.
1. AND when they where speaking to the people, the Priests and Magistrates of the Temple & the Sadducees came vpon them,
2. being greeued that they taught the people, and shewed in Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ the resurrection from the dead:
3. and they laid handes vpon them, and put them into ward, vntil the morow, for it was now euening.
4. And Here againe we see the proceeding & increase of the Church visibly. many of them that had heard the word, beleeued: and the number of the men was made fiue thousand.
5. And it came to passe on the morow, that their Princes, and Ancients, and Scribes were gathered into Hierusalem.
6. And Annas the high Priest, and Caiphas and Iohn, and Alexander, and as many as were of the Priests Stocke.
7. And setting them in the middes, they asked: In what power or in what name haue you done this?
8. Then Peter replenished with the Holy Ghost, said to them: Ye Princes of the people and Ancients:
9. If we this day be examined for a good deed vpon an impotent man, in what he hath been made whole,
10. be it knowen to al you and to al the people of Israel, that in the name of The name of IESVS. See Annot. Philip. 2,10. Iesvs Christ of Nazareth, whom you did crucifie, whom God hath raised from the dead, in this same this man standeth before you whole.
11. This is * Psa. 117,22. the stone that was reiected of you the builders: which is made into the head of the corner:
12. And there is not salutation in any other. For neither is there any other name vnder Heauen giuen to men, wherein we must be saued.
13. The Apostles constancie, learning, & wisedom after the Holy Ghost, being but idiotes, that is, simple vnlettered men & timorous before. And seeing Peters constancie and Iohns, vnderstanding that they were men vnlettered, and of the vulgar sort, they marueled; and they knew them that they had beem with Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ:
14. seeing the man also that had been cured, standing with them, they could say nothing to the contrarie,
15. But they commanded them to goe aside forth out of the Councel: and they conferred together,
16. saying: What shal we doe to these men? for a notorious signe indeed hath been done by them, to al the inhabitants of Hierusalem: it is manifest, and we can not denie it.
17. But that it be no further spred abrode among the people, let vs threaten them, that they speake no more in this name to any man.
18. And calling them, they charged them that they should not speake at al, nor teach in the name of Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ.
19. But Peter and Iohn answering, said to them: Marke their constancie and courage after their confirmation, being so weake before. And if any Magistrate command against God, that is to say, forbid Catholike Christian men to preach or serue God; this same must be their answer; though they be whipped and killed for their labour. See c. 5. v. 29. If it be iust in the sight of God, to heare you rather then God, iudge ye.
20. For we can not but speake the things which we haue seen and heard.
21. But they threatning, dimissed them: not finding how they might punish them, for the people, because al glorified that which had been done, in that which was chaunced.
22. For the man was more then fourtie yeares old in whom that signe of health had been wrought.
23. And being dimised they came to theirs, and shewed al that the cheefe Priests and Ancients had said to them.
24. Who hauing heard it, with one accord lifted vp their voice to God, and said: Lord, thou that didst make Heauen & earth, the sea, and al things that are in them,
25. who in the Holy Ghost by the mouth of our Father Dauid thy seruant hast said: * Psa. 2,1. Why did the Gentils rage, and the people meditate vaine thinges:
26. the Kings of the earth stand vp, and the Princes assemble together against our Lord, and against his Christ?
27. For there assembled indeed in this citie against the holy Child Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ whom thou hast anointed, Herod, and Pontius Pilate, with the Gentils and the people of Israel;
28. to doe what Christes death, as needful for mass redemption, was of Gods determination: but as of the malice of the Iewes, it was not his act otherwise then by permission. thy hand and thy counsel decreed to be done.
29. And now Lord looke vpon their threatnings, and giue vnto thy seruants with al confidence to speake thy word,
30. in that, that thou extend thy hand to cures & signes and wonders to be done by thy name of thy holy Sonne Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ.
31. And when they had praied, the place was moued wherein they were gathered: and they were al replenished with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with confidence.
32. * Act. 2,44. And the multitude of beleeuers had on hart and one soule: neither did any one say that ought was his owne of these things which he possessed, but al things were common vnto them.
33. And with great power did the Apostles giue testimonie of the resurrection of Iesvs Christ our Lord: and great grace was in al them.
34. For neither was there any one needie among them. For as many as were owners of landes or houses Note the ardent charitie & contempt of wordly things in the first Christians: who did not only giue great almes, but sold al their land to bestow on the Apostles & the rest that were credit giuen to disposition. sold and brought the prices of those things which they sold,
35. and laid it before the feete of the Apostles. And to euery one was deuided according as euery one had need.
36. And Ioseph who was surnamed of the Apostles Barnabas (which is by interpretation, the sonne of consolation) a Leuite, a Cyprian borne,
37. whereas he had a peece of land, sold it, and brought the price, and laid it Before the feete.
Reuerence to holy persons.
He, as the rest, did not only giue his goods as in vulgar almes, but in al humble and reuerent manner as things dedicated to God, he laid them downe at the Apostles holy feete, as S. Luke always expresseth, and gaue them not into their handes. *The Sunamite fel downe and embraced Elisæus feete. Many that asked benefites of Christ (as the woman sicke of the bloudy fluxe) fel downe at his feet & Marie kissed his feet.
Kissing their feete.
**Such are signes of due reuerence done both to Christ and to other sacred persons, either Prophetes, Apostles, Popes, or others representing his person in earth. See in S. Hierome of Epiphanius Bishop in Cypres, how the people of Hierusalem of al sortes flocked together vnto him, offering their children (to take his blessing) kissing his feet, plucking the hemmes of his garment, so that he could not moue for the throng. Ep. 41. c. 4. cont. erro. Io. Hierosol.
*4. King. 4,27.
**Luke 8,47. Luke 7,38.
before the feete of the Apostles.