Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Actes of the Apostles

From Miletum going on his iourney, 4. he can not be dissuaded neither at Tyre, 8. nor at Cæsarea (in both which places the Holy Ghost reuealed how he should be handled in Hierusalem, 10. the Prophet Agabus expresly foretelling that the Iewes there should deliuer him to the Gentils) 15. but to Hierusalem he commeth: where being welcome to the Christians, and namely to Iames the Bishop, and to the Priests, while he goeth about to satisfie the Christians Iewes there, who had been misinformed of him as if he had taught it to be vnlawful for the Iewes to keepe Moyses Law; 27. he is inuaded by the infidel Iewes, and ready to be murdered by them, vntil the Romane souldiars doe rescue him.
1. AND when it came to passe that we sailed, being caried from them, with a straight course we came to Coos, and the day following to Rhodes, and from thence to Patara.
2. And when we had found a ship that passed ouer to Phœnice, going vp into it we sailed.
3. And when we were in the sight of Cypres, leauing it on the left hand, we sailed into Syria, and came to Tyre: for there the ship was to discharge her load.
4. And finding Disciples, we taried there seuen daies: who said to Paul by the Spirit, that he should not goe vp to Hierusalem.
5. And the dayes being expired, departing we went forward, al bringing vs on the way, with their wiues and children, til we were out of teh citie: and falling vpon our knees on the shore, we praied.
6. And when we had bid one another farewel, we went vp into the ship; and they returned vnto their owne.
7. But we hauing ended the nauigation, from Tyre cam downe to Ptolomais: and saluting the Brethren, we taried one day with them.
8. And the next day departing, we came to Cæsarea. And entring into the house of * Act. 6,5. Philip the Euangelist, who was one of the seuen, we taried with him.
9. And he had As S. Peter had a wife, but vsed her not after his calling, as it is noted elswhere out of S. Hierom. Luc. 3,38. so may it be said of S. Philip being Deacon. foure daughters Virgins.
S. Luke noteth specially that his daughters were Virgins, meaning (no doubt) that they were of the state, profession, or purpose of perpetual virginitie, not only that they were yong maides vnmarried: and that they were the rather for that, indowed with the guift of prophecie, as S. Hierom saith li. 1. adu. Iouin. c. 24. See Oecum c. 29. in hunc locum.
virgins, that did prophecie.
10. And as we abode there for certaine daies, there came a certaine Prophet from Iewrie, named Agabus.
11. He, when he was come to vs, tooke Paules girdle: and binding his owne feet & handes, he said: Thus saith the Holy Ghost: The man whose girdle this is, so shal the Iewes bind in Hierusalem, and shal deliuer him into the handes of the Gentils.
12. Which when we had heard, we and they that were of the same place, desired him that he would not goe vp to Hierusalem.
13. Then Paul answered, and said: What doe you, weeping and afflicting my hart? for I am ready not only to be bound, but to die also in Hierusalem for the name of our Lord Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ.
14. And when we could not persuade him, we ceased, saying: The wil of our Lord be done.
15. And after these daies, being prepared, we went vp to Hierusalem.
16. And there came also of the Disciples from Cæsarea with vs, bringing with them one Iason a Cyprian (with whom we should lodge) an old Disciple.
17. And when we were come to Hierusalem, the Brethren receiued vs gladly.
18. And the day following Paul went in with vs to Iames, and al the Ancients were assembled.
19. Whom when he had saluted, he told particularly what God had done among the Gentils by his ministerie.
20. But they hearing it, magnified God, and said to him: Thou seest (Brother) how many thousand there are among the Iewes that haue beleeued: and al are Zelatours of the Law.
21. But they haue heard of thee that thou doest teach those Iewes that are among the Gentils, to depart from Moyses: saying that they ought not to circumcise their children, nor walke according to the custome.
22. What is it then? needes must the multitude assemble: for they wil heare that thou art come.
23. Doe this therfore which we tel thee. There are with vs foure men, that haue a vowe on them.
24. Taking these vnto thee, sanctifie thy self with them; and bestow on them, that they may * Nu. 6,18. shaue their heads: and al that thy self also walkest Keeping the Law.
Auoiding of scandal in things no vnlawful.
Al the obseruations of the Law were now in themselues dead & vnprofitable; yet til further propagation of the Ghospel, they were not damnable to the keepers, nor offensiue to God, but might be obserued euen of the Christian Iewes. And for feare of scandalizing the weake of that Nation, newly conuerted, or prone to receiue the faith, the Apostles by Gods suggestion did thinke it good to obserue them as occasion required.
keeping the Law.
25. But concerning them that beleeue of the Gentils, * Act. 15,20. we haue written, decreeing that they should refraine themselues from the immolated to Idols, and bloud, and suffocated, and fornication.
26. Then Paul taking the men vnto him, the next day being purified with them entred into the Temple, shewing the accomplishment of the * Nu. 6,13. daies of the purification, vntil an oblation was offered for euery one of them.
27. But whiles the seuen daies were a finishing, those Iewes that were of Asia, when they had seen him in the Temple, stirred vp al the people, and laid handes vpon him,
28. crying: Ye men of Israel, help: this is the man that against the people and the Law and this place teaching al men euery where, hath violated this holy place.
29. (For they had seen Trophimus the Ephesian in the citie with him, whom they supposed that Paul had brought into the temple.)
30. And the whole citie was in an vproare: and there was made a concourse of the people. And apprehending Paul, they drew him forth of the Temple: and immediatly the doores were shut.
31. And as they sought to kil him, it was told the Tribune of the band, That al Hierusalem is in a confusion.
32. Who forthwith taking vnto him souldiars and Centurions, ranne downe to them. Who, when they had seen the Tribune and the souldiars, ceased to strike Paul.
33. Then the Tribune comming neer apprehended him, and commanded him to be bound with two chaines: and he demanded who he was, and what he had done.
34. And some cried one thing, some another, in the multitude. And whereas he could not know the certaintie for the tumult, he commanded him to be led In castra. So in the places following into the castel.
35. And when he was come to the staires, it chanced that he was caried of the souldiars because of the violence of the people.
36. For the multitude of the people followed, crying: Away with him.
37. And when Paul began to be brought into the castel, he saith to the Tribune: is it lawful for me to speake some thing to thee? Who said: Canst thou speake Greeke?
38. Art not thou the Ægyptian that before these daies did raise a tumult, and didst lead forth into the desert foure thousand men that were murderers?
39. And Paul said to him: * Act. 22,3. I am a man truly a Iewe of Tarsus, a citizen not of an obscure citie of Cilicia. And I desire thee, permit me to speake to the people.
40. Amd when he had permitted him, Paul standing on the staiers, beckned with his hand to the people. And a great silence being made, he spake vnto them in the Hebrew tongue, saying.