Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Actes of the Apostles

After two yeares emprisonment the Iewes continue their sute against him, soliciting the new President Festus, 6. first at Hierusalem, then at Cæsarea: 9. where through the Iewes partialitie ge is faine to appeale vnto the Emperour: 13. and is the meane time brought forth by Festus (giuing him good testimonie, notwithstanding the exclamations of the Iewes against him) vnto King Agrippa and his Queene Bernice.
1. FESTVS therfore when he was come into the prouince, after three daies went vp to Hierusalem from Cæsarea.
2. And the cheefe Priests, and principal men of the Iewes went vnto him against Paul: and they desired him,
3. requesting fauour against him, that he would command him to be brought to Hierusalem, laying wait for to kil him in the way.
4. But Festus answered, that Paul is kept in Cæsarea: and that he would very shortly goe thither.
5. They therfore, saith he, that are of abilitie among you, going downe with me, if there be any crime in the man, let them accuse him.
6. And hauing taried among them not aboue eight or ten daies, he went downe to Cæsarea, and the next day he sate in the iudgement seat: and he commanded Paul to be brought.
7. Who being brought, there stood about him the Iewes that were come downe from Hierusalem, obiecting many and greuious crimes as v. 27. causes which they could not proue;
8. Paul making answer, That neither against the law of the Iewes, nor against the Temple, nor against Cæsar haue I any thing offended.
9. But Festus willing to shew the Iewes a pleasure, answering Paul, said: Wilt thou goe vp to Hierusalem, and there be iudged of these things before me?
10. And Paul said: At Cæsar's iudgement seat doe I stand, where I ought to be iudged: the Iewes I haue not hurt, as thou very wel knowest.
11. For if I haue hurt them, or done any thing worthie of death, I refuse not to die. But if none of those things be, whereof these accuse me, no man can giue me to them. If S. Paul both to saue himself from whipping and from death sought by the Iewes, doubted not to crie for succour of the Romane lawes, and to appeale to Cæsar the Prince of the Roman's not yet Christened: how much more may we cal for aide of Christian Princes and their lawes, for the punishment of Heretikes, and for the Churches defense against them? S. Augustine ep. 50. I appeale to Cæsar.
12. Then Festus hauing conferred with the Councel, answered: Hast thou appealed to Cæsar? to Cæsar shalt thou goe.
13. And when certaine daies were passed, King Agrippa & Bernice came downe to Cæsarea to salute Festus.
14. And as they taried there a good many daies, Festus signified to the King, of Paul saying: A certaine person was left prisoner by Felix,
15. concerning whom, when I was at Hierusalem, the cheefe Priests and the Ancients of the Iewes came vnto me, desiring condemnation against him.
16. To whom I answered: That it is not the Romanes custome to yeald vp any man before that he which is accused haue his accusers present, and take place to make his answer for to cleere himself of the crimes.
17. When they therfore were assembled hither, without any delaie, the day following, sitting in the iudgement seat, I command the man to be brought.
18. Of whom, when the accusers stoof vp, they brought no cause which I thought il of:
19. but certaine questions of their owne superstition they had against him, and of This whom he termeth by contempt, one IESVS, hath now made al the Romane Emperours & Princes of the world to know him, and hath giuen the seat of the Cæsars to his poore seruants, Peter & his Successours. one Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ deceased, whom Paul affirmed to liue.
20. Doubting therfore of this kind of question, I said, whether he would goe to Hierusalem, & there be iudged of these things.
21. But Paul appealing to be kept vnto the knowledge of Augustus, I commanded him to be kept, til I send him to Cæsar.
22. And Agrippa said to Festus: My self also would heare the man. To morow, said he, thou shalt heare him.
23. And the next day when Agrippa and Bernice were come with great pompe, and had entred into the hal of audience with the Tribunes and principal men of the citie, at Festus commandement Paul was brought.
24. And Festus saith: King Agrippa, and al ye men that are present together with vs, you see this man, concerning whom al the multitude of the Iewes called vpon me at Hierusalem, requesting and crying out that he ought not to liue any longer.
25. Yet I haue found nothing that he hath committed worthie of death. But forasmuch as he himself appealed to Augustus, I haue determined to send him.
26. If whom what to write for certaintie to my Lord, I haue not. For the which cause I haue brought him forth to you, and especially to thee, King Agrippa, that examination being made, I may haue what to write.
27. For it seemeth to me without reason, to send a prisoner, & not to signifie τὰς κατ’ αὐτοῦ αἰτίας. his causes.