Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Actes of the Apostles

What a dangerous nauigation he had towards Rome: and that by his prediction and counsel the ship might haue been saued. And for his sake (as God also reuealed to him before) al the companie was preserued, being 276 persons.
1. AND after it was decreed that he should saile into Italie, and that Paul with other prisoners should be deliuered to a Centurion named Iulius, of the band Augusta,
2. we going vp into a ship of Adrumetum, beginning to saile about the places of Asia, loosed from the land, Aristarchus the Macedonian of Thessalonica continuing with vs.
3. And the third day following we came to Sidon. And Iulius intreating Paul courteously, permitted him to goe to his freinds, and to take care of himself.
4. And when we had loosed thence we sailed vnder Cypres: because the winds were contrarie.
5. And sailing the sea of Cilicia and Pamphilia, we came to 'Myra' Lystra, which is in Lycia:
6. and there the Centurion finding a ship of Alexandria sailing into Italie, remoued vs into it.
7. And whereas many daies we sailed slowly, and were scarse come ouer against Gnidus, the wind hindering vs, we sailed neere Crete by Salmone:
8. and with much adoe sailing by it, we came into a certaine place that is called Good-hauens, nigh to the which was a citie Thalassa.
9. And when much time was spent, and whereas now it was not safe sailing, because the It may signifie the Iewes fast of the seuenth moneth September, after which the nauigation was perilous, winter approching. fast now was past, Paul comforted them,
10. saying to them: Ye men, I see that the sailing beginneth to be with hurt and much damage, not only of the lading and the ship, but also of our liues.
11. But the Centurion beleeued the Gouernour and Maister of the ship, more then those things which were said of Paul.
12. And whereas it was not a commodious hauen to winter in, very many taking counsel appointed to saile thence, if by any meanes they might comming to Phœnice, winter there, a hauen of Crete looking toward the names of windes Afrike and the Chore.
13. And the south-wind blowing, they thinking that they had obteined their purpose, when they had parted from Asson, sailed along by Crete.
14. But not long after, a tempestuous wind that is called Euro-aquilo, droue against it.
15. And when the ship was caught and could not make way against the wind, giuing vp the ship to the winds, we were driuen,
16. And running vpon a certaine Iland, that is called Græc.
Cauda, we could scare get the cock-boat.
17. Which being taken vp, they vsed helps, girding the ship, and fearing lest they should fal into a place of quicksandes. the Syrte, letting downe the vessel, so were they caried.
18. And when we were mightily tossed with the tempest, the next day they cast forth.
19. And the third day with their owne hands they threw forth the tacklings of the ship.
20. And neither sunne, nor starres appearing for many daies, and no smal storme being toward, al hope was now taken away of our sauing.
21. And when there had been long fasting, then Paul standing in the middes of them, said: You should indeed, Oye men, haue heard me, and not haue parted from Crete, & haue gained this hurt and losse.
22. And now I exhort you to be of good cheere. For there shal be no losse of any soule among you, but of the ship.
23. For An Angel.
Gods prouidence to the See of ROME.
S. Paul had many visions, specially to assure him that he should goe to Rome & stand before Cæsar, our Lord himself before (23,11) appearing to him, & here an Angel, for that purpose. Whereby we plainely see the special prouidence of God toward that See, where his two principal Apostles were designed to preach, plant the faith, liue, die, be buried, and honoured til the worldes end.
an Angel of the God whose I am, and ὦ λατρεύω. whom I serue, stood by me this night,
24. saying: Feare not Paul, thou must appeare before Cæsar: and behold God hath Paul (saith S. Hierom) had so many soules in the ship giuen him, that is, so many men saued for his sake: & after he is with Christ, shal he shut his mouth, & not be able once to speake for them that haue beleeued in his Ghospel? Hier. adu. Vigil. Whereby he proueth that if God doe much for the merits of Saints in this life, much more at their intercession and praier in Heauen. giuen thee al that saile with thee.
25. For the which cause be of good cheere ye men: for I beleeue God, that it shal so be, as it hath been said to me.
26. And we must come vnto a certaine Iland.
27. But after the fourteenth night was come on vs, as we were sailing in Adria about mid-night, the ship-men deemed that there appeared some countrie to them.
28. Who also sounding, found twentie fadomes: and being parted a litle from thence, they found fifteene fadomes.
29. And fearing lest we should fal into rough places, casting out of the sterne foure ankers, they wished that day were come.
30. But as the ship-men sought to fly out of the ship, hauing let downe the cock-boat into the sea, pretending as if they were about to cast out ankers out of the fore-part of the ship,
31. Paul said to the Centurion and to the souldiars: Vnles these tarie.
Gods predestination and appointment taketh not away mans free-wil & Endeauours.
When God reuealeth to vs any thing, or assureth vs of any euent to come, he dischargeth vs not thereby of our requisit endeauours and labours for atchieuing the same; not executing ordinarily his designements toward men otherwise then by their owne free-wil and actions. S. Paul said not here: Let vs doe what we list; worke we or sit we stil, whether the mariners goe out or tarie within, we are al sure to be saued, for so God hath reuealed to me, and he can not lie, neither can it fal otherwise; but contrariewise saith he: If these mariners leaue the ship, you can not be saued. So say al true Catholike Preachers to Christian people: What prouidence, predestination, or foresight soeuer God haue of your saluation, you are not thereby constrained any way; you haue free-wil stil, and cannot be saued (though you be predestinate) except you keep Gods commandements, repent you of our sinnes, beleeue, liue & die wel. And if it were reuealed to any man, that he were one of Gods elect, & that he should finally die in grace and be saued, yet he were bound to worke his saluation with feare & trembling, as *S. Paul both did, and taught, lest he become reprobate: no lesse then the same Apostle here and his fellowes, though they had their life promised to them of God, yet were bound to labour and vse al possible diligence that they might not be drowned.
*1. Corinth. 9,27.
Philip. 2,12.
Vnles these tarie in the ship you can not be saued.
32. Then the souldiars cut of the ropes of the cock-boat; and suffered it to fal away.
33. And when it began to be light, Paul desired al to take meat, saying: This day is the fourteenth day that you expect and remaine fasting, taking nothing.
34. For the which cause I desire you to take meat for your health sake: for there shal not an haire of the head perish of any of you.
35. And when he had said these things, taking bread he gaue thankes to God in the sight of them al: and when he had broken it, he began to eate.
36. And being al made of better cheere, they also tooke meate.
37. And we were in al in the ship, soules two hundred seuentie six.
38. And being filled with meat, they lighted the ship, casting the wheat into the sea.
39. And when day was come, they knew not the land: but they spied a certaine creeke that had a shore, into the which they minded, if they could, to cast aland the ship.
40. And when they had taken vp the ankers, they committed themselues to the sea, loosing withal the rudder bands: and hoising vp the maine saile according as the wind blew, they went on toward the shore.
41. And when we were fallen into a place between two seas, they graueled the ship: and the fore-part truly sticking fast remained vnmoueable: but the hinder-part was broken by the violence of the sea.
42. And the counsel of the souldiars was, that they should kil the prisoners: lest any swimming out, might runne away.
43. But the Centurion willing to saue Paul, forbade it to be done: & he commanded them that could swimme, to cast out themselues first, and escape, and goe forth to land:
44. and the rest, some they caried on bordes, & some vpon those things that were of the ship. And so it came to passe, that al the soules escaped to land.