Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Actes of the Apostles

They prosecute him to Cæsarea, bringing with them an Oratour, who before the President Felix accuseth him. 10. He answereth, defending himself from the crimes they charged him with, but confessing his religion plainly. 22. The Iudge perceiuing his religion to be irreprehensible, yealdeth not to condemne him at their pleasure: 24. yea he oftentimes with his wife heareth his preaching, 27. but yet doth not his dutie to deliuer him out of prison.
1. AND after fiue daies high Priest Ananias descended, with certaine Ancients and one Tertullus and Oratour, who went to the President against Paul.
2. And Paul being cited, Tertullus began to accuse, saying: Whereas we liue in much peace by thee, & many things are corrected by thy prouidence,
3. we doe alwaies & in al places receiue it, most excellent Felix, with al thanks-giuing.
4. But lest I hinder thee any longer, I desire thee of thy clemencie breifely to heare vs.
5. We haue found this man pestiferous, & raising seditions to al the Iewes in the whole world, and authour of the sedition τῆς αἱρέσεως. of the sect of the Nazarenes.
6. Who also hath attempted to violate the Temple, whom also being apprehended we would haue iudged according to our law.
7. But Lysias the Tribune comming in, with great force tooke him away out of our hands,
8. commanding his accusers to come to thee, of whom thou maiest thyself iudging, vnderstand of al these things, wherof was accuse him.
9. And the Iewes also added, saying that these things were so.
10. But Paul answered: (the President making a signe vnto him for to speake) Knowing that of many yeares thou art iudge ouer this Nation, I wil with good courage answer for my self.
11. For thou maiest vnderstand that is it not aboue twelue daies to me, since I went vp to adore in Hierusalem.
12. And neither in the Temple did they find me disputing with any men, or causing concourse of the multitude, neither in the synagogues, nor in the cities:
13. neither can they proue vnto thee the things whereof they now accuse me.
14. But this I confesse to thee, that κατὰ τὴν ὁδὸν. according to the Because Tertullas the Iewes Orator called Christian religion the sect or (as it is there vers. 5. in the Greeke) the heresie of the Nazarenes; S. Paul answereth and sheweth that it is no heresie. And as for the word, Sect, in this place; it is in the Greeke, According to the way, which they cal heresie, as also Act. 9,2. 24,22. And therfore the word sect here is so taken. See Annot. c. 28,22. sect, which they cal heresie, I doe so serue the the God of my Fathers, (or) the Father, and my God, Father my God, beleeuing al things that are written in the Law & the Prophets:
15. hauing hope in God, the which these also themselues expect. that there shal be a resurrection of iust and vniust.
16. In this my self also doe studie to haue a conscience without offense toward God and toward men alwaies.
17. And after many yeares * Rom. 15,28. I came to bestow almes vpon my Nation, & oblations, and vowes.
18. In the which they found me * Act. 21,26. purified in the Temple: not with multitude nor with tumult.
19. But certaine Iewes of Asia, who ought to be present before thee and to accuse, if they had any thing against me:
20. or let these men themselues say, if they haue found in me any iniquitie, forasmuch as I stand in the Councel,
21. but of this one voice only that I cried standing among them, That * Act. 23,6. of the resurrection of the dead am I iudged this day of you.
22. And Felix differed them, Knowing most certainely of this way, saying: When Lysias the Tribune is come downe, I wil heare you.
23. And he commanded the Centurion to keep him, and that he should haue rest, neither to prohibit any of his to minister vnto him.
24. And after some daies, Felix comming with Drusilla his wife, which was a Iew, called Paul, and heard of him the faith that is in Christ Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ.
25. And he disputing of The Apostolike teaching was not of only or special faith; but of iustice, & chastitie, & iudgement; that is to say, of the terrour of Hel and other God's iudgements in the next life answerable to our deeds in this world: by which the hearers were first vertified, and so induced to penance. How say Heretikes then that such things make men hypocrites. iustice and chastitie, and of the iudgement to come, Felix being terrified, answered: For this time, goe thy way: but in time conuenient I wil send for thee.
26. hoping also withal, that money would be giuen him of Paul; for the which cause also oftentimes sending for him, he spake with him.
27. But when two yeares were ended, Felix had a Successor Portius Festus. And Felix being willing to shew the Iewes a pleasure, left Paul in prison.