Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Booke of Wisdom

1. I also certes am a mortal man, like to al, and of the earthlie kinred of him, that was made first, and in the wombe of my mother was I fashioned flesh,
2. the time of ten monethes was I brought together in bloud, of the seede of man, and the delectation of sleepe concurring.
3. And I being borne receiued the common ayre, and fel vpon the earth, that is made alike, and the first voice like to al men did I put forth weeping.
4. I was nourished in swadling clothes, and great cares.
5. For none of the kinges had other begynning of natiuitie.
6. There is one entrance therfore into life to al men, and like departure.
7. For this cause I wished, and vnderstanding was geuen me: and I inuocated, and the spirit of wisdom came vpon me:
8. and I preferred her before kingdoms and thrones, and riches I counted to be nothing in comparison of her.
9. Neither did I compare the precious stone to her: because al gold in comparison of her, is a litle sand, and siluer in the sight of her shal be estemed as clay.
10. Aboue health and beautie did I loue her, and purposed to haue her for light: because her light can not be extinguished.
11. And al good thinges came to me together with her, and very much honestie by her handes,
12. and I reioyced in al because this wisdom went before me, and I was ignorant that she is the mother of al these.
13. Which I lerned without fiction, and doe communicate without enuie, and her honestie I hid not.
14. For she is an infinite treasure to men: which who so haue, are made partakers of the frenship of God, commended for the gifts of discipline.
15. And to me God hath geuen to speake according to my minde, and to presume thinges worthie of those, that are geuen me: because he is the guide of wisdom, and the creator of the wise:
16. for in his hand are both we, & our wordes, and wisdom, and the knowledge of discipline of workes.
17. For he gaue me the true knowledge of those thinges, which are: that I may know the disposition of the round world, and the vertues of the elements,
18. the beginning, & end, & middes of times, the permutations of changeable seasons, and consummations of times,
19. the courses of the yeare, and dispositions of the starres,
20. the natures of beastes, and furies of wilde beastes, the force of windes, and the cogitations of men, the differences of plantes, and vertues of rootes,
21. and whatsoeuer are hid thinges and not forsene, I haue lerned: for wisdom the worker of al taught me.
22. For in her is the spirite of vnderstanding, holie, onlie, manifold, subtil, eloquent, moueable, vndefiled, sure, swete, louing good, sharpe, who nothing hindereth wel doing,
23. gentle, benigne, stable, certaine, secure, hauing al powre, forseing al thinges, and that conteyneth al spirites: intelligible, cleane, subtile.
24. For wisdom is more moueable then al moueable thinges: and reacheth euerie where because of her cleannes.
25. For she is a vapour of the powre of God, & a certaine sincere emanation of the glorie of God omnipotent: and therfore no defiled thing cometh vnto her.
26. For she is the brightnes of eternal light, & the vnspotted glasse of Gods maiestie, and the image of his goodnes.
27. And wheras she is one, she can doe al thinges: and permanent in herselfe she reneweth al thinges, and by nations transporteth herself into holie soules, she maketh the frendes of God, and Prophetes.
28. For God loueth none, but him, that dwelleth with wisdom.
29. For she is more beautiful then the sunne, and aboue al disposition of the starres, being compared to light she is found the first.
30. For night succedeth to it, but malice ouercometh not wisdom.