Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Booke of Wisdom

1. FOR these thinges, and by the like to these, they haue worthely suffered torments, and were destroyed by a multitude of beasts.
2. For the which torments thou didst wel dispose of thy people, to whom thou gauest the desire of their delectation a new taste, preparing them the quaile for meate:
3. that they in deede coueting meate, because of those thinges which were shewed and sent them, might be turned away euen from necessarie concupiscence. But they in short time being made needie, tastes a new meate.
4. For it behoued that without excuse destruction should come vpon them exercising tyrannie: but to these onlie to shew how their enemies were destroyed.
5. For when the cruel wrath of beastes came vpon them, they were destroyed with the bytings of peruerse serpents.
6. Howbeit thy wrath endured not for euer, but for chastisement they were trubled a short time, hauing a signe of saluation for the remembrance of the commandment of thy law.
7. For he that turned to it, was not healed by that which he saw, but by thee the sauiour of al:
8. and in this thou didst shew to our enemies, that thou art he which deliuerest from al euil.
9. For the bitings of locusts, and flies killed them, and there was found no remedie for their life: because they were worthie to be destroyed by such thinges.
10. But neither the teeth of venemous dragons ouercame thy children: for thy mercie coming healed them.
11. For in memorie of thy wordes they were examined, & were quickly saued, lest falling into deepe obliuion, they might not vse thy helpe.
12. For neither herbe, nor playster healed them, but thy word, o Lord, which healeth al thinges.
13. For it is thou, o Lord, that hast powre of life and death, and bringest down to the gates of death, and fetchest agayne:
14. but man certes kille by malice, and when the spirit is gone forth, it shal not returne, neither shal he cal back the soule that is receiued:
15. but it is vnpossible to escape thy hand.
16. For the impious denying to knowe thee, haue bene scourged by the strength of thine arme, suffering persecution by strange waters, and haile, and rayne, and consumed by fyre.
17. For that which was meruelous in water, which extinquisheth al thinges, fyre more preuayled: for the world is reuenger of the iust.
18. For a certayne time, the fyre was mitigated, that the beasts which were sent to the impious might not be burnt, but that they seing might know that by Gods iudgement they suffer punishment.
19. And at a certaine time the fyre aboue his powre burnt in water on euerie side, that it might destroy the nation of a wicked land.
20. For the which thinges thou didst nourish thy people with the meate of Angels, and bread prepared, thou gauest them from heauen without labour, hauing in it al delectation, and the sweetnes of al taste.
21. For thy substance did shew thy sweetnes which thou hast toward thy children, and seruing euerie mans wil, it was turned to that, that euerie man would.
22. Yea snow and yce susteyned the force of fyre burning in hayle, and lightening in rayne destroyed the fruites of the enemies.
23. And this againe, that the iust might be nourished, it forgat also his owne strength.
24. For the creature seruing thee the Creatour, is fierce into torment against the vniust: and is made more gentle to doe good for them that trust in thee.
25. For this cause euen then being transformed into al thinges they serued thy grace the nource of al, at their wil that desired thee:
26. that thy children might know, whom thou louedst o Lord, that not the fruites of natiuitie doe feede men, but thy word preserueth them, that beleue in thee.
27. For that which could not be destroyed by fyre, forthwith being heated with a litle beame of the sunne did melt:
28. that it might be knowen to al men, that we ought to preuent the sunne to blesse thee, and at thy rysing of light to adore thee.
29. For the fayth of the vngratful shal melt as winter yce, & shal perish as vnprofitable water.