Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Booke of Wisdom

1. SHE directed their workes in the handes of a holy prophet.
2. They made a iourney through the deserts, that were not inhabited: and in desert places they pitched cottages.
3. They stood against the aduersaries, and reuenged themselues of the enemies.
4. They thirsted, and inuocated thee, and water was geuen them out of a most high rorcke, and quenching of their thirst out of the hard stone.
5. For by the thinges wherby their enemies suffered punishment, for defect of their drinke, and therein, when the children of Israel abunded, they did reioyce;
6. by these thinges, when others lacked the same, it went wel with them.
7. For in steede of the fountaine of an euerlasting riuer, thou gauest mans bloud to the vniust.
8. Who when they were diminished in the destruction of the murdered infants, thou gauest them abundant vnlooked for:
9. shewing by the thirst, that then was, how thou didst exalt thine, & didst kil their aduersaries.
10. For when they were tempted, and in deede with mercie taking discipline, they knew how the impious being iudged with wrath did suffer torments.
11. These certes admonishing as a father thou didst proue: but them examining as a hard king thou didst condemne.
12. For the absent and the present were tormented alike.
13. For duble tediousnes had taken them, and sighing with the memorie of good thinges past.
14. For when they vnderstood by their punishement that it went wel with them, they remembered our Lord, merueling at the end of the euent.
15. For whom before they derided, being cast forth in that wicked laying out to perish, him they merueled at in the end of the euent: not thirsting in like maner to the iust:
16. but for senseles cogitations of their iniquitie, for that some erring did worshippe dumme serpents, and superfluous beasts, thou didst send vpon them a multitude of dumme beasts for reuenge:
17. that they might know that by what thinges a man sinneth, by the same also he is tormented.
18. For thine omnipotent hand, which made the world of inuisible matter, was not vnable to send vpon them a multitude of beares, or fierce lyons,
19. or vnknowen beasts ful of anger of a new kind; or breathing the vapour of fires, or casting forth the sauour of smoke, or shooting horrible sparkes from their eies:
20. of which not onlie their hurt was able to destroy them, but also their sight to kill them for feare.
21. Yea and without these with one spirit, they might haue beene slaine suffering persecution of their owne factes, and dispersed by the spirit of thy powre: but thou hast disposed al thinges in measure, and number, and weight.
22. For, to be of great force rested alwaies in thee onlie: & who shal resist the powre of thyne arme?
23. Because as the least weight of the balance, so is the roundworld before thee, and as a droppe of the dewe before day, that falleth vpon the earth.
24. But thou hast mercie on al, because thou canst do al thinges, and dissemblest the sinnes of men for repentance.
25. For thou louest al thinges that are, and hatest nothing of those which thou hast made: for thou didst not ordaine, or make any thing hating it.
26. And how could any thing continew, vnles thou wouldest? or be preserued which was not called of thee?
27. But thou sparest al: because they are thine o Lord, which louest soules.