Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)


1. IN the first yeare of Darius the sonne of Assuerus of the seede of the Medes, who reigned ouer the kingdom of the Chaldees:
2. the first yeare of his kingdom, I Daniel vnderstood in bookes the number of yeares, wherof the word of our Lord was made to Ieremie the prophete, that seuentie yeares should be accomplished of the desolation of Ierusalem.
3. And I sette my face to our Lord my God to pray and besech in fastinges, sackcloth, and ashes.
4. And I prayed our Lord my God, and I confessed, and said: I besech thee o Lord God great and terrible, which keepest couenant, & mercie to them that loue thee, and keepe thy commandements.
5. We haue sinned, we haue done iniquitie, we haue dealt impiously, and haue reuolted: & we haue declined from thy commandments, and iudgements.
6. We haue not obeyed thy seruants the prophets, that haue spoken in thy name to our kinges, to our princes, to our fathers, and to al the people of the land.
7. To thee o Lord, iustice: but to vs confusion of face, as is to day to the man of Iuda, and to the inhabiters of Ierusalem, and to al Israel, to them that are nere, and to them that are farre of in al the landes, to which thou hast cast them out, for their iniquities in which the haue sinned against thee.
8. O Lord, to vs confusion of face, to our princes, & to our fathers that haue sinned.
9. But to thee Lord our God mercie and propiciation, because we haue reuolted from thee:
10. and haue not heard the voice of the Lord our God, to walke in his law, which he gaue vs by his seruants the prophetes.
11. And al Israel haue transgressed thy law, and haue declined from hearing thy voice, and the malediction hath distilled vpon vs, & the detestation, which is written in the booke of Moyses the seruant of God, because we haue sinned to him.
12. And he hath established his wordes, which he spake vpon vs, and vpon our princes, that iudged vs, that he would bring in vpon vs a great euil, such as neuer was vnder al the heauen, according to that which hath bene done in Ierusalem.
13. As it is written in the law of Moyses, al this euil is come vpon vs: and we besought not thy face o Lord our God, that we might returne from our iniquities, & might thinke on thy truth.
14. And our Lord hath watched vpon the malice, and hath brought it vpon vs: iust is the Lord our God in al his workes, which he hath done: for we haue not heard his voice.
15. And now o Lord our God, which broughtest forth thy people out of the Land of Ægypt in a strong hand, & madst thee a name according to this day: we haue sinned, we haue done iniquitie.
16. O Lord according to al thy iustice, but let thy wrath be turned away I besech thee, and thy furie from thy citie Ierusalem, & from thy holie mount. For by reason of our sinnes, and the iniquities of our fathers, Ierusalem, and thy people are a reproch to al round about vs.
17. Now therfore heare o our God the petition of thy seruant, & his prayers: and shew thy face vpon thy sanctuarie, which is desert, for thyne own sake.
18. Incline my God thine eare, & heare: open thine eyes, and see our desolation, & the citie vpon which thy name is inuocated: for neither in our iustifications doe we prostrate prayers before thy face, but in thy manie commiserations.
19. Heare o Lord, be pacified o Lord: attend & doe, delay not for thine owne sake my God: because thy name is inuocated vpon thy citie, & vpon thy people.
20. And when I yet spake, & prayed, and confessed my sinnes, and the sinnes of my people of Israel, and did prostrate my prayers in the sight of my God, for the holie mount of my God:
21. as I was yet speaking in prayer, loe the man Gabriel, whom I had sene in the vision from the beginning, quickly flying touched me in the time of the euening sacrifice.
22. And he taught me, and spake to me, & sayd: Daniel now am I come forth to teach thee, and that thou mightst vnderstand.
23. From the beginning of thy prayers the word came forth: and I am come to shew it to thee, because thou art a man of desires: and doe thou marke the word, and vnderstand the vision.
24. Seuentie weekes are abbridged vpon thy people, & vpon thy holie citie, that preuarication may be consummate, and sinne take an end, & iniquitie be abolished; and euerlasting iustice be brought; & vision be accomplished, and prophecie; & the Holie one of holies be anointed.
25. Know therfore, & marke: From the going forth of the word, that Ierusalem be built againe, vnto Christ the prince, there shal be seuen weekes, & sixtie two weekes, & the streete shal be built againe, & the walles in the straitnes of the times.
26. And after sixty two weekes Christ shal be slaine: and it shal not be his people, that shal denie him. And the city, & the sanctuary shal the people dissipate with the prince to come: & the end therof waste, & after the end of the battel the appoynted desolation.
27. And he wil confirme the couenant to manie, one weeke: and in the halfe of the weeke shal the hoste & the sacrifice fayle: and there shal be in the temple the abomination of desolation: & euen to the consummation, and to the end shal the desolation endure.