Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)


1. BUT in that time shal rise vp Michael the great prince, who standeth from the children of thy people: and a time shal come such as hath not beene from the time since nations begane euen vntil that time. And in that time shal thy people be saued, euerie one that shal be found writen in the booke.
2. And manie of those, that sleepe in the dust of the earth, shal awake: some vnto life euerlasting, & others vnto reproch to see it alwayes.
3. But they that be learned shal shine as the brightnes of the firmament: and they that instruct many to iustice, as starres vnto perpetual eternities.
4. But thou Daniel shut vp the wordes, and seale the booke, euen to the time appointed: verie manie shal passe ouer, and there shal be manifest knowledge.
5. And I Daniel saw, and behold there stood as it were two others: one on this side vpon the banke of the riuer.
6. And I sayd to the man, that was clothed with linen garments, that stood vpon the waters of the riuer: How long the end of these meruels?
7. And I heard the man, that was clothed with the linen garments, that stood vpon the waters of the riuer, when he had lifted vp his right hand, & his left hand vnto heauen, and had sworne by him that liueth for euer, that vnto a time, & times, & the halfe of a time. And when the dispersion of the hand of the holie people shal be accomplished, al these thinges shal be accomplished.
8. And I heard, & vnderstood not. And I sayd: My Lord, what shal be after these things?
9. And he said: Goe Daniel, because the wordes are shut vp, and sealed vntil the prefixed time.
10. Manie shal be chosen, and made white, & shal be tried as fyre: and the impious shal doe impiousely, neither shal al the impious vnderstand, but the learned shal vnderstand.
11. And from the time when the continual sacrifice shal be taken away, and the abomination to desolation shal be set vp, a thousand two hundred ninetie dayes.
12. Blessed is he that expecteth, and cometh vnto dayes a thousand three hundred thirtie fiue.
13. But thou goe, vntil the time prefixed: and thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lotte vnto the end of the dayes.