Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)


1. AND there was a man dwelling in Babylon, and this name Ioakim:
2. & he tooke a wife named Susanna, the daughter of Helcias exceding fayre, and fearing God.
3. For her parents being iust, instructed their daughter according to the law of Moyses.
4. And Ioakim was very rich, and he had an orchard nere vnto his house: and to him the Iewes resorted together, because he was the more honorable of al.
5. And there were two ancients appointed iudges in that yeare, of whom our Lord spake: That iniquities came out of Babylon from the seniour iudges, that semed to rule the people.
6. These frequented the house of Ioakim, and al that had iudgements came to them.
7. And when the people returned at noone, Susanna went in, and walked in her husbands orchard.
8. and the ancients saw her dayly going in, and walking: and they were inflamed to the concupiscence of her:
9. and they subuerted their sense, and declined their eyes that they would not see heauen, nor remember iust iudgements.
10. They were both therfore wounded with the loue of her, neither did they shew their griefe one to the other:
11. for they were ashamed to shew one an other their concupiscence, being desirous to lie with her:
12. and they watched euerie day carefully to see her. And one sayd to the other:
13. Let vs goe home, because it is the houre of dinner. And going forth they departed one from an other.
14. And when they were returned, they came into one place: and asking of each other the cause, they confessed their concupiscence: and then in commune they appoynted a time, when they might fynde her alone.
15. And it came to passe, when they obserued a fitte day, she went in on a time as yesterday and the day before, with two maydes onlie, & would be washed in the orchard: for it was an hote season.
16. And there was none there, but the two ancients had, & beholding her.
17. She therfore sayd to the maydes: Fetch me oile, and washing balles, and shut the doores of the orchard, that I may be washed.
18. And they did as she had commanded: and they shut the doores of the orchard, and went out by a backe doore to fetch the thing that she had commanded. and they knew not that the ancients were hid within.
19. But when the maydes were gone forth, the two ancients arose, and ranne to her, and sayd:
20. Loe the doores of the orchard be shut, and no bodie seeth vs, and we are in the concupiscence of thee: wherfore consent to vs, and lie with vs.
21. and if thou wilt not, we wil geue testimonie against thee, that there was a yong man with thee, and for this cause thou didst send out thy maydes from thee.
22. Susanna sighed, and sayd: Perplexities are to me on euerie side: for if I shal doe this, it is death to me: and if I doe it not, I shal not escape your handes.
23. But it is better for me without the act to fal into your handes, then to sinne in the sight of our Lord.
24. And Susanna cried out with a lowd voice: but the ancients also cried out against her.
25. And one ranne to the doore of the orchard, and opened it.
26. when the seruants therfore of the house had heard the crie in the orchard, they rushed in by the backe doore, to see what it was.
27. And after the ancients spake, the seruants were ashamed excedingly: because neuer had there bene such a word sayd of Susanna. And the morow came.
28. And when the people was come to Ioakim her husband, the two ancients also came ful of vniust cogitation against Susanna, to put her to death.
29. And they sayd before the people: Send to Susanna daughter of Helcias the wife of Ioakim. And forthwith they sent.
30. And she came with her parents, and children, and al her kinne.
31. Moreouer Susanna was exceding delicate, and beautiful of face.
32. But those wicked men commanded that she should be vncouered (for she was couered) that so at least they might be satisfied with her beautie.
33. Her frendes therfore wept, & al that had knowne her.
34. But the two ancients rysing vp in the middes of the people, layd their handes vpon her head.
35. Who weeping looked vp to heauen, for her hart had confidence in our Lord.
36. And the ancients sayd: When we walked alone in the orchard, this woman came in with two maydes from her.
37. And a yongman that was hid came to her, and lay with her.
38. But we being in a corner of the orchard, seeing the iniquitie, ranne to them, and saw them lie together.
39. And him in deed we could not take, because he was stronger then we, and opening the doores he lept out:
40. but her when we apprehended, we asked what yongman it was, and she would not tel vs, of this thing we are witnesses.
41. The multitude beleued them as the ancients and the iudges of the people, and they condemned her to death.
42. But Susanna cried out with a lowd voice, and sayd: Eternal God, which art the knower of hidden things before they came to passe,
43. thou knowest that they haue borne false witnes against me: and loe I dye, wheras I haue done none of these thinges, which these men haue maliciousely forged against me.
44. And our Lord heard her voice.
45. and when she was led to death, our Lord raysed vp the holie spirit of a yong boy, whose name was Daniel:
46. and he cried out with a lowd voice: I am cleane from the bloud of this woman.
47. And al the people turning to him, sayd: What is this word, that thou hast spoken?
48. Who when he stood in the middes of them, sayd: So folish ye children of Israel, not iudgeing, nor discerning that which is the truth, haue you condemned the daughter of Israel?
49. Returne ye to iudgement, because they haue spoken false testimonie against her.
50. The people therfore returned with speede, and the ancients sayd to him: Come, and sitte in the middes of vs, and tel vs: because God hath geuen thee the honour of old age.
51. And Daniel sayd to the people: Separate them far one from an other, and I wil discouer them.
52. When they were therfore diuided one from the other, he called one of them, and said to him: O thou inueterated of euil dayes, now are thy sinnes come, which thou didst committe before:
53. iudging vnjust iudgements, oppressing innocents, and dismissing offenders, our Lord saying: The innocent and the iust thou shalt not kil.
54. Now then if thou sawest her, tel vnder what tree thou sawest them talking together. Who sayd: Vnder a schine tree.
55. And Daniel sayd: Wel hast thou lyed agaynst thine owne head: for behold the Angel of God taking the sentence of him, shal cut thee in the middes.
56. And remouing him away, he commanded that the other should come, and he sayd to him: Seede of Chanaan, and not of Iuda, beautie hath deceiued thee, and concupiscence hath subuerted thy hart:
57. so did you to the daughters of Israel, and they fearing spake to you: but the daughter of Iuda did not abide your iniquitie.
58. Now therfore tel me, vnder what tree thou tookest them speaking one to an other. Who said: Vnder a prine tree.
59. And Daniel said to him: Wel hast thou also lyed against thine owne head: for the Angel of our Lord tarieth, hauing a sword, that he may cut thee in the middes, and kil you.
60. Therfore al the assemblie cried out with a lowd voice, and they blessed God, which saueth them that hope in him.
61. And they rose vp against the two elders (for Daniel had conuinced them by their owne mouth to haue geuen false testimonie) and they did to them as they had dealt naughtely against their neighbour,
62. to doe according to the law of Moyses, & they killed them, and the innocent bloud was saued in that day.
63. But Helcias, and his wyfe praysed God, for their daughter Susanna, with Ioakim her husband, and al her kinne, because there was no vnhonest thing found in her.
64. And Daniel became great in the sight of the people from that day, & thence forward.
65. And king Astyages was layd to his fathers, & Cyrus the Persian receiued his kingdom.