Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)


1. IN the third yeare of the reigne of Baltassar the king, a vision appeared to me.
2. I Daniel saw in my vision, after that which I had sene in the beginning, when I was in Susis the castel, which is in the prouince of Ælam: and I saw in the vision, that I was ouer the gate Vlai.
3. & I lifted vp mine eyes, and saw: and behold one ramme stood before the marrice, hauing highe hornes, & one higher then an other & growing vnder.
4. Afterward I saw the ramme pushing with the hornes against the West, & against the North, and against the South: and al beasts could not resist him, nor be deliuered out of his hand: and he did according to his wil, & was magnified.
5. And I vnderstood: and behold a buckgoate came from the West vpon the face of the whole earth, & he touched not the ground. Moreouer the buckgoate had a notable horne betwen his eyes:
6. And he came euen to that ramme with the hornes, which I had sene standing before the gate, & he ranne towards him in the violence of his strength.
7. And when he had approched nere the ramme, he was wood against him, and he stroke the ramme: and he brake his two hornes, and the ramme could not resist him: and when he had cast him on the ground, he trode him, and no man could deliuer the ramme out of his hand.
8. And the buckgoate became exceding greatL and when he was growne, the great horne was broken, and there rose vp foure hornes vnder it by the foure windes of heauen.
9. And out of one of them came forth one litle horne: and it was made great against the South, and against the East, and against the strength.
10. And it was magnified euen vnto the strength of heauen: and it threw downe the strength, and of the starres, and trode them.
11. And it was magnified euen vnto the prince of the strength: and from him it tooke the continual sacrifice, and threw downe the place of his sanctification.
12. And strength was geuen against the continual sacrifice because of sinnes: and truth shal be throwen prostrate on the ground, and he shal doe, and shal prosper.
13. And I heard one of the siancts speaking, & one sainte sayd to an other, I know not to whom that spake: How long the vision, and the continual sacrifice, and the sinne of the desolation that is made: and the sanctuarie, and the strength shal be conculate?
14. And he sayd to him: Vnto the euening & morning, two thousand three hundred: & the sanctuarie shal be clensed.
15. And it came to passe when I Daniel saw the vision, and sought the vnderstanding: behold there stood in my sight as it were the forme of a man.
16. And I heard the voice of a man betwen the bankes of Clai: and he cried, and sayd: Gabriel make this man vnderstand the vision.
17. And he came and stood nere where I stood: and when he was come, trembling I fel on my face, & he sayd to me: Vnderstand sonne of man, that in the time of the end the vision shal be accomplished.
18. And when he spake to me I fel flat on the ground: and he touched me, and sette me vp in my standing,
19. and sayd to me: I wil shew thee what thinges are to come in the last of the malediction: because the time hath his end.
20. The ramme, which thou sawest haue hornes, is the king of the Medes and Persians.
21. Moreouer the buckgoate, is the king of the Græcians, and the greate horne, that was betwen his eyes, the same is the first king.
22. But wheras that being broken, there rose vp foure for it: foure kings shal rise vp of his nation, but not in his strength.
23. And after their reigne, when iniquities shal be increased, there shal arise a king impudent of face, and vnderstanding propositions.
24. And his strength shal be made strong, but not in his owne strength: and more then can be beleued, shal he waste al thinges, and shal prosper, and doe. And he shal kil the strong, and the people of the saints
25. according to his wil, and craft shal be directed in his hand: and he shal magnifie his hart, and in the abundance of al thinges he shal murder very manie: & agaynst the prince of princes shal he arise, & without hand he shal be destroyed.
26. & the vision of the euening and the morning, which hath bene sayd, is true: thou therfore seale the vision, because it shal be after manie dayes.
27. And I Daniel languished, and was sicke for certaine dayes: and when I was risen vp, I did the kings workes, and was astonied at the vision, and there was none that could interprete it.