Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)


1. AND I from the first yeare of Darius the Mede stood that he might be strengthened, and made strong.
2. And now I wil declare the truth vnto thee. Behold three kinges as yet shal stand in Persia, and the fourth shal be inriched with exceding riches aboue al: & when he is growne mightie in his riches, he shal rayse vp al against the kingdom of Greece.
3. But there shal rise a strong king, and shal rule with much power: and he shal doe what shal please him.
4. And when he shal stand, his kingdom shal be broken, and it shal be diuided into the foure windes of heauen: but not vnto his posteritie, nor according to his mightines wherwith he ruled. For his kingdom shal be rent euen vnto foreners, besyde these.
5. And the king of the South shal be made strong, & there shal of his princes preuaile aboue him, and he shal rule in dominion: for his dominion shal be much.
6. And after the end of yeares they shal be confederated: and the daughter of the king of the South shal come to the king of the North to make amitie, and shal not obtayne the strength of the arme, neither shal his sede stand: and she shal be deliuered, and they that brought her, her yongmen and they that strengthened her in the times.
7. And there shal stand of the bud of her rootes a plant: and he shal come with an armie, and shal enter the prouince of the king of the North: and he shal abuse them, and shal obtayne.
8. Moreouer also their goddes, and sculptils, the precious vessels also of gold, and siluer, he shal carie away captiue into Ægypt: he shal preuaile against the king of the North.
9. And the king of the South shal enter into the kingdom, and shal returne to his owne land.
10. And his sonnes shal be prouoked, and they shal gather a multitude of very manie hostes: and he shal come hastning, and ouerflowing: and he shal returne and be stirred vp, and he shal ioyne battel with his force.
11. And the king of the South being prouoked shal goe forth, and shal fight against the king of the North, & shal prepare an exceding great multitude, and a multitude shal be geuen into his handes.
12. And he shal take a multitude, and his hart shal be exalted, and he shal ouerthrow manie thousands: but he shal not preuaile.
13. For the king of the North shal returne, and shal prepare a multitude much greater then before: & in the end of times, & yeares, he shal come hastining with a great host, and riches exceding much.
14. And in those times manie shal rise vp against the king of the South, the children also of the preuaricatours of thy people shal be extolled to fulfil the vision, and they shal fal.
15. And the king of the North shal come, and shal cast vp a mount, and shal take the best fensed cities: & the armes of the South shal not susteyne, and his chosen shal rise vp to resist, & there shal be no strength.
16. And he shal doe coming vpon him according to his pleasure, and there shal be none to stand agaynst his face: and he shal stand in a noble land, & it shal be consumed in his hand.
17. And he shal sette his face to come to possesse al his kingdom, & he shal doe right thinges with him: and he shal geue vnto him daughter of wemen, to ouerthrow it: and she shal not stand neither shal she be his.
18. ANd he shal turne his face to the ilands, & shal take manie: and he shal make the prince of his reproche to cease, and his reproch shal be returned vpon him.
19. And he shal turne his face to the empire of his owne land, and he shal stumble, and fal, & shal not be found.
20. And there shal stand in his place one most vile, & vnworthy of kingly honour: & in few dayes he shal be destroyed, not in furie nor in battel.
21. And there shal stand in his place one despised, and kinglie honour shal not be geuen him: and he shal come secretly, and shal obteyne the kingdom by fraude.
22. And the armes of him that fighteth shal be expunged from before his face, and shal be broken: moreouer also the prince of the league.
23. And after the amities, he shal worke deceite with him: and he shal goe vp, and shal ouercome with few people.
24. And he shal enter abundant and plentiful cities: & he shal doe thinges that his fathers neuer did, & his fathers fathers: their robberies, and pray, & riches he shal dissipate, and shal deuise deuises against the best fensed: and this vntil a time.
25. And his strength & his hart shal be stirred vp against the king of the South in a great armie: and the king of the South shal be prouoked to battel with manie aydes, and exceding strong: & they shal not stand because they shal take counsels against him.
26. And they that eate bread with him, shal destroy him, and his armie shal be oppressed: & there shal fal slaine very manie.
27. The hart also of the two kinges shal be to euil, and at one table they shal speake lies, and they shal not prosper: because as yet the end vnto an other time.
28. And he shal returne into his land with much riches: and his hart against the holie testament, and he shal prosper and shal returne into his owne land.
29. At the time appointed he shal returne, and he shal come to the South, and the later end shal not be like to the former.
30. And there shal come vpon him galleis, and the Romanes, and he shal be strooken, and shal returne, and shal frette against the testament of the sanctuarie, and he shal spede: and shal returne, and shal deuise against them, that haue forsaken the testament of the sanctuarie.
31. And of him shal stand armes, and shal pollute the sanctuarie of strength, and shal take away the continual sacrifice: and they shal geue abomination into desolation.
32. And the impious against the testament shal dissemble fraudulently: but the people that knoweth their God, shal obtayne, and shal doe.
33. And the learned in the people shal teach very manie: and they shal fal by sword, and by flame, and by captiuitie, and by spoyle of dayes.
34. And when they are fallen, they shal be releeued with a litle ayde: and very manie shal be ioyned to them faynedly.
35. And of the learned there shal fal, that they may be tried, and may be chosen, and made white euen to the time prefixed: because yet there shal be an other time.
36. And the king shal doe according to his wil, and shal be eleuated, & magnified against euerie god: and against the God of goddes he shal speake magnifical thinges, & shal be directed, til the wrath be accomplished. for the determination is made.
37. Ande the God of his fathers he shal not account of: and he shal be in the concupiscences of wemen, neither shal he care for anie of the goddes: because he shal ryse vp against al thinges.
38. But god Maozim he shal worshipe in his place: and the God whom his fathers knewe not, he shal worshipe with gold, and siluer, and precious stone, and precious thinges.
39. And he shal doe it to fense Maozim with a strange god, whom he acknowledged, and he shal multiplie glorie, and shal geue them powre in manie, and shal diuide the land gratis.
40. ANd in the time prefixed shal the king of the South make battel against him, & as a tempest shal the king of the North came against him in charets, and in horsemen, and in great nauie, and he shal enter the landes, and shal destroy, and passe through.
41. And he shal enter into the glorious land, and manie shal fal: but these onlie shal be saued out of his hand, Edom, and Moab, and the beginning of the children of Ammon.
42. And he shal lay his hand vpon the landes: and the Land of Ægypt shal not escape.
43. And he shal rule ouer the treasures of gold, and of siluer, and in al the precious thinges of Ægypt: through Lybia also, and Æthyopia he shal passe.
44. And a bruite shal truble him from the East, and from the North: and he shal come in a great multitude to destroy and kil very manie.
45. And he shal pitche his tabernacle Apadno betwen the seas, vpon a mount glorious and holie: and he shal come euen to the toppe therof, and no man shal helpe him.