Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Epistle of Saint Pavl to the Colossians

He exhorteth to mortifie & put off al corrupt manners of the old man, & to put on such vertues as are for the new man. 18. In particular also, wiues and husbands, children and parents and maisters, each sort to doe their duetie.
1. The Epistle vpon Easter eue, THERFORE if you be risen with Christ, seeke the things that are aboue; where Christ is sitting on the right hand of God.
2. Mind the things that are aboue, not the things that are vpon the earth.
3. For you are dead; and your life is hidde with Christ in God.
4. When Christ shal appeare, your life; then you also shal appeare with him in glorie.
5. * Eph. 5,3. Mortifie therfore your members that are vpon the earth, fornication, vncleanesse, lust, euil concupiscence, and Auarice, which is the seruice of Idols.
Heretical and foolish translation.
Here is a maruelous impudent and foolish corruption in the vulgar English Bible printed the yere 1577. and (as it seemeth) most authorised. Where for their errour against the Images of Christ and his Saints, and to make image and Idol, alone; the translatour, for that which the Apostle saith in Greek, Couetousnes is idolatrie, maketh him to say in English, Couetousnes is worshipping of Images: as also Eph. 5. 4. he translateth thus, The couetous person is a worshipper of Images: for that which the Apostle saith: The couetous man is an idolater, meaning spiritual idolatrie, because he maketh money his God. In which sense to cal this spiritual idolatrie, worshipping of images, is too ridiculous, and must needs proceed of blind heresie.
auarice, which is ἐιδωλολατϱἐια.
the seruice of Idols.
6. For which things the wrath of God commeth vpon the children of incredulitie.
7. In which you also walked sometime, when you liued in them.
8. But now lay you also away anger, indignation, malice, blasphemie, filthie talke out of your mouth.
9. Lie not one to another: * Eph. 4,22. spoiling your selues of the old man with his actes,
10. and Doing on the new.
Iustice an inherent qualitie in vs..
By this and the whole discourse of this chapter conteining an exhortation to good life and to put on the habit of the new man with al vertues we may see, our iustice in Christ to be a very qualitie and forme inherent in our soul, adorning the same, and not an imputation only of Christes righteousnes, or a hiding only of our sinnes and wickednes, which the Heretikes falsely affirme to remaine in vs after Baptisme and alwaies during life. See S. Augustin de pec. mer. & remis. li. 2. c. 7. & cont. Iulian. lib. 6. c. 7.
doing on the new, him that is renewed vnto knowledge, * Gen. 1,26. according to the image of him that created him.
11. Where there is not, Gentile & Iew, circumcision and prepuce, Barbarous and Scythian, bond and free: but al, and in al Christ.
12. The Epistle vpon the 5. Sunday after the Epiphanie. Put ye on therfore as the elect of God, holy, and beloued, * Eph. 4,32. the bowels of mercie, benignitie, humilitie, modestie, patience,
13. supporting one another, & pardoning one another, if any haue a quarel against any man. As also our Lord hath pardoned vs: so you also.
14. But aboue al these things haue charitie, which is the band of perfection:
15. and let the peace of Christ βϱαβευέτω,
triumph and haue the victorie.
exult in your harts, wherein also you are called in one body: and be thankeful.
16. Let the word of Christ dwel in you aboundantly, in al wisedom: teaching and admonishing your owne selues, with psalmes, hymnes, and spiritual canticles, in grace singing in your harts to God.
17. Al whatsoeuer you doe in word or in worke, al things in the name of our Lord Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ Christ, giuing thankes to God and the Father by him.
18. * Eph. 5,22. Women be subiect to your husbands, as it behoueth in our Lord.
19. * 1. Pet. 3,7. Men, loue your wiues and be not bitter toward them.
20. * Eph. 6,1. Children obey your parents in al things: for that is wel pleasing to our Lord.
21. Father prouoke not your children to indignation; that they become not discouraged.
22. * Eph. 6,5.
Tit. 2,9.
1. Pet. 2,18.
Seruants, obey in al things your Maisters according to the flesh, not seruing to the eye, as pleasing men, but in simplicitie of hart, fearing God.
23. Whatsoeuer you doe, worke it from the hart as to our Lord, and not to men:
24. knowing that you shal receiue of our Lord the Retribution or reward for good workes: ἀνταπόδοσιν which signifieth rendring one for another. retribution of inheritance. Serue our Lord Christ.
25. For he that doeth iniurie, shal receiue that which he hath done vniustly: and * Deu. 10,17.
Ro. 2,11.
Gal. 2,6.
there is not acception of persons with God.