Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Holy Ghospel of Iesvs Christ According to Saint Marke

The third day, to three women at his Sepulchre, an Angel telleth that he is risen, and wil (as he promised Mar. 14,28.) shew himself in Galilee. 9. The same day he appeareth to Marie Magdalene, afterward to two Disciples: yet the Eleuen wil not beleeue it, vntil to them also he appeareth. 15. To whom hauing giuen commission into al Nations, with power also of Miracles, he ascendeth, and they plant his Church euery where. 1. The Ghospel vpon Easter day.
* Mat. 28,1.
Luke 24,1.
Iohn 20,1.
AND when the Sabboth was past, Marie Magdalene and Marie of Iames, and Salôme Bought spices.
The womens deuotion toward Christs body being dead.
As she did bestow and consume a costly ointment vpon his body being yet aliue (c. 14,3.) Christ himself defending and highly commending the fact against Iudas and other who accounted it to be superfluous and better to be bestowed otherwise: So not without great deuotion and merit, she and these other women seeke to anoint his body dead (though Heretikes or other simple persons may pretend such things to be better bestowed vpon the poore) and therfore, *she first before al other, **and they next, saw him after his Resurrection.
*Mark 16,9.
**Mat. 28,9.
bought spices, that comming they might anoint Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ. 2. And very early the first of the Sabboths, they come to the monument, the sunne being now risen. 3. And they said one to an other: Who shal role vs back the stone from the doore of the monument? 4. And looking, they saw the stone roled back. For it was very great. 5. And entring into the monument, they saw a yong man sitting on the right hand couered with a white robe: and they were astonished. 6. Who saith to them: Be not dismaied; you seeke Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ of Nazareth, that was crucified; he is risen, he is not here, behold the place where they laid him. 7. But goe, tel his Disciples and Peter is named in special (as often els where) for prerogatiue. Peter that he goeth before you into Galilee; there you shal see him, * Mark 14,28. as he told you. 8. But they going forth, fled from the monument. For trembling and feare had inuaded them: and they said nothing to any body, For they were afraid. 9. And he rising early the first of the Sabboth, * Iohn 20,16. appeared first to Marie Magdalen, * Luke 8,2. out of whom he had cast seauen Diuels. 10. She went and told them that had been with him, that were mourning & weeping. 11. And they hearing that he was aliue and had been seen of her, did not beleeue. 12. And * Luke 24,36. after this he appeared In an other shape.
Christs body vnder diuers formes.
Christ though he haue but one corporal shape, natural to his Person, yet by his omnipotencie he may be in whatsoeuer forme, & appeare in the likenesse of any other man or creature, as he list. Therfore let no man thinke it strange, that he may be vnder the forme of bread in the B. Sacrament.
in an other shape to two of them walking, as they were going into the countrie. 13. And they going told the rest: neither them did they beleeue. 14. The Ghospel vpon the Ascension day. And for some Martyrs. Last * Luke 24,36.
Iohn 20,19.
he appeared to those Eleuen as they sate at the table; and he exprobated their incredulity and hardnes of hart, because they did not beleeue them that had seen him risen againe. 15. And he said to them: * Mat. 28,19. Going into the whole world preach the Ghospel to al creatures. 16. He that beleeueth.
Not only faith.
Note wel, that whereas this Euangelist mentioneth only faith & Baptisme, as though to beleeue & to be baptized were enough, S. Matthew addeth these wordes also of our Sauiour, *teaching them to obserue al things whatsoeuer I haue commaunded you, which containeth al good workes and the whole iustice of a Christian man.
*Mat. 28,20.
He that beleeueth and is baptized, shal be saued; but he that beleeueth not, shal be condemned. 17. And them that beleeue These signes shal folow.
The guift of miracles.
It is not meant, that al Christians or true beleeuers should doe miracles; but that some for the proofe of the faith of al, should haue that guift. The which is the grace or guift of the whole Church, executed by certaine for the edification and profite of the whole.
these signes shal follow: In my name shal they cast out Diuels; They shal speake with new tongues; 18. Serpents shal they take away; And if they drinke any deadly things, it shal not hurt them; They shal Miracles in the Church by imposition of hands. impose hands vpon the sick and they shal be whole. 19. The Ascension. And so our Lord Iᴇꜱᴠꜱ after he spake vnto them, * Luke 24,51. was assumpted into Heauen, and sate on the right hand of God. 20. But they going forth preached euery where: our Lord working withal, and confirming the Word with signes that folowed.