Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Holy Ghospel of Iesvs Christ According to Saint Marke

S. Markes Ghospel may be wel diuided into foure partes.
The first part, of the preparation that was made to the manifestation of Christ: Chap. 1. in the beginning.
The second, of his manifesting himself by Preaching & Miracles, & that in Galilee: the residue of the 1. chap. vnto the 10. chap.
The third, of his comming into Iurie, towards his Passion: chap. 10.
The fourth, of the Holy weeke of his Passion in Hierusalem: chap. 11. to the end of the booke.
Of S. Marke and his conuersation with the two Apostles S. Paul and S. Barnabee, we haue at large Act. 12. and 15. some what also Col. 4. and 2. Tim. 4. and to Philemon. Moreouer of his familiaritie with the Prince of the Apostles S. Peter, we haue 1. Pet. 5. For so it pleased our Lord, that only two of the Euangelists should be of his twelue Apostles, to wit, S. Matthew and S. Iohn. The other two, S. Marke and S. Luke, he gaue vnto vs of the Disciples of his most principal and most glorious Apostles S. Peter and S. Paul. Whose Ghospels therfore were of Antiquitie counted as the Ghospels of S. Peter and S. Paul them selues. Marke the Disciple, and interpreter of Peter (saith S. Hierom) according to that which he heard of Peters mouth, wrote at Rome a briefe Ghospel at the request of the Brethren (about 10. or 12. years after our Lordes Ascension.) which when Peter had heard, he approued it, and with his authoritie did publish it to the Church to be read, as Clemens Alexandrinus writeth li. 6. Hypotypos.
In the same place S. Hierom addeth, how he went into Ægypt to preach, and was the first Bishop of the cheefe Citie there, named Alexandria: and how Philo Iudæus at the same time seeing & admiring the life & conuersation of the Christians there vnder S. Marke, who were Monkes, wrote a booke thereof, which his extant to this day. And not only S. Hierom (in Marco, & Philone) but also Eusebius Hist. li. 2. ca. 15. 16. 17. Epiphanius Secta 29. Nazaræorum, li. 1. to. 2. Cassianus de Instit. Cænobiorum li. 2. c. 5. Sozomenus li. 1. c. 12. Nicephorus lib. 2. c. 15. and diuerse others doe make mention of the said Monkes out of the same Authours. Finally, He died (saith S. Hierom ) the 8. yeare of Nero, and was buried at Alexandria, Anianus succeeding in his place. But from Alexandria he was translated to Venice, Anno Dom. 830.
It is also to be noted, that in respect of S. Peter, who sent S. Marke his scholer to Alexandria, and made him the first Bishop there, this See was esteemed next in diginitie to the See of Rome, and the Bishop thereof was accounted the cheefe Metropolitan or Patriarch of the East, and that by the first Councel of Nyce. whereof see S. Leo ep. 53. S. Gregorie li. 5. ep. 60. & li. 6. ep. 37.