Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Epistle of Saint Pavl to the Philippians

He exhorteth them to perseuerance, and certaine by name to vnitie, 5. to modestie, 6 to peace without solicitude or careful ancietie, 8. to al that good is, 9. to such things as they see in himself. 10. That he reioyced in their contribution, not for his owne need, but for their merit.
1. THERFORE, my dearest Brethren and most desired, my My ioy.
The reward of Preachers.
He calleth them his ioy and crowne, for that he expected the crowne of euerlasting life as a reward of his labours towardes them. Wherby we may learne also, that besides the essential glorie which shal be in the vision and fruition of God, there is other manifold felicitie incident in respect of creatures.
ioy and my crowne: so stand in our Lord, my dearest.
2. Euodia. Euchodia I desire and Syntyche I beseech to be of one mind in our Lord.
3. Yea and I beseech thee my Sincere companion.
Suspitious translation.
The English Bibles with one consent interpret the Greek words, faithful yoke-fellow, perhaps to signifie (as some would haue it) that the Apostle here speaketh to his wife: but they must vnderstand that their Maisters Caluin & Beza mislike that exposition, and *al the Greek Fathers almost much more reiect it: and it is against S. Paules owne words speaking to the vnmarried,
S. Paul had no wife.
That it is good for them to remaine so, euen as himself did. 1. Cor. 7,8. Whereby it is euident he had no wife, and therfore meaneth here some other his coadiutor & fellow-labourer in the Ghospel.
* S. Chrys. Theodore.
Oeceum. Theophyl.
sincere Companion, help those women that haue laboured with me in the Ghospel with This Clement was afterward the 4. Pope of Rome from S. Peter, as S. Hierom writeth, according to the common supputation Clement, and the rest my Coadiutours, whose names are in the booke of life.
4. The Epistle vpon the 3. Sunday in Aduent. Reioyce in our Lord alwaies; againe I say reioyce.
5. Let your modestie be knowen to al men. Our Lord is nigh.
6. Be nothing careful: but ἐν παντὶ τῆ πϱοσευχῆ. in euery thing by praier & supplication with thankes-giuing let your petitions be knowen with God.
7. And the peace of God which passeth al vnderstanding, keep your harts and intelligences in Christ Iesvs.
8. For the rest, Brethren, what things soeuer be true, whatsoeuer honest, whatsoeuer iust, whatsoeuer holy, whatsoeuer aimable, whatsoeuer of good fame, if there be any vertue, if any praise of discipline, these things thinke vpon.
9. Which you haue both learned, and receiued, and heard, & seen in me; these things doe ye, and the God of peace shal be with you.
10. And I reioyced in our Lord exceedingly, that once at the length you haue This reflourishing is the reuiuing of their old liberalitie, which for a time had been slacke & dead. S. Chrys. reflourished to care for me, as you did also care: but you were occupied.
11. I speake not as it were for penurie. For I haue learned, to be content with the things that I haue.
12. I know both to be brought low, I know also to abound: (euery-where, and in al things I am instructed) both to be ful, & to be hungrie, both to abound, and to suffer penurie.
13. I can al things in him that strengthneth me.
14. Neuerthelesse you haue done wel, communicating to my tribulation.
15. And you also know, ô Philippians, that in the beginning of the Ghospel, when I departed from Macedonia, no Church communicated vnto me in the account of guift and He counteth it not mere almes or a free guift that the people bestoweth on their Pastours or Preachers, but a certaine mutual traffike as it were, and enterchange: the one giuing spiritual, the other rendering, temporal things for the same. receit, but you only:
16. For vnto Thessalonica also, once and twise you sent to my vse.
17. Not that I seeke the guift, but I seeke the fruit abounding in your account.
18. But I haue al things, and abound: I was filled after I receiued of Epaphroditus the things that you sent, an odour of sweetnes, an Acceptable.
Almes giuen religiously.
How acceptable almes are before God, we see here: namely when it is giuen for religion to deuout persons for a recompense of spiritual benefits. For so it putteth on the condition of an oblation or Sacrifice offered to God, and is most acceptable and sweet in his sight.
acceptable Host, pleasing God.
19. And my God supply al your χρείαν lack according to his riches in glorie, in Christ Iesvs.
20. And to God & our Father be glorie world without end. Amen.
21. Salute ye euery Saint in Christ Iesvs.
22. The Brethren that are with me, salute you. Al the Saints salute you: but especially they that are of Cæsars house.
23. The grace of our Lord Iesvs Christ be with your spirit. Amen.