Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Prophecie of Sophonias

1. WO TO thee thou prouoking, and redemed citie, the doue.
2. She hath not heard the voice, and she hath not receiued discipline: she hath not trusted in our Lord, to her God she hath not approched.
3. Her princes in the middes of her as lions roaring: her iudges wolues in the euening, left nothing for the morning.
4. Her prophets madde, men unfaythful: her priests haue polluted the holie, they haue done vniustly agaynst the law.
5. Our iust Lord in the middes therof wil not doe iniquitie: in the morning, in the morning he wil geue his iudgement into light, and it shal not be hid: but the wicked man hath not knowen the confuision.
6. I haue destroyed the Gentils, & their corners are dissipated: I haue made their wayes desert, whiles there is none that passeth by: their cities are desolate, not a man remayning, nor any inhabiter.
7. I sayd: Neuertheles thou shalt feare me, thou shalt receiue discipline: and her habitation shal not perish for al thinges, wherin I haue visited her: but yet rysing early they corrupted al their cogitations.
8. Wherfore expect me, sayth our Lord, in the day of my resurrection til hereafter, because my iudgement to assemble the Gentils, and to gather kingdomes: & to powre vpon them mine indignation, al the wrath of my furie: for in the fyre of my ielousie shal al the earth be deuoured.
9. Because then wil I restore to the peoples, a chosen lippe, that al may inuocate in the name of the Lord, & may serue him with one shoulder.
10. Beyond the riuers of Æthiopia, thence shal my suppliants the children of my dispersed bring me a gift.
11. In that day thou shalt not be confounded vpon al thine inuentions, wherin thou hast preuaricated against me: because then wil I take away out of the middes of thee the loftie speakers of thy pride, & thou shalt adde no more to be exalted in my holie mount.
12. And I wil leaue in the middes of thee a people poore and needie: & they shal hope in the name of our Lord.
13. The remnant of Israel shal not doe iniquitie, neyther shal they speake leasing, and deceitful tongue shal not be found in their mouth: because they shal feede, and shal lie down, and there shal be none to make them afrayd.
14. Prayse o daughter of Sion: make iubilation Israel: be glad & reioice in al thy hart o daughter of Ierusalem.
15. Our Lord hath taken away thy iudgement, he hath turned away thine enemies: the king of Israel our Lord in the middes of thee, thou shalt feare euil no more.
16. In that day it shal be sayd to Ierusalem: Feare not: to Sion, let not thy handes be dissolued.
17. Our Lord thy God in the middes of thee strong, he wil saue: he wil reioice vpon thee in gladnes, he wil be silent in his loue, he wil be ioyful vpon thee in prayse.
18. The triflers that were departed from thee, I wil gather together, because they were of thee: that thou mayst no more haue reproch for them.
19. Behold I wil kil al that haue afflicted thee at that time: and I wil saue the halt, & her that was cast out I wil gather: and I wil make them into prayse, and into name, in al the land of their confusion.
20. In that time, when I wil bring you: and in the time, that I wil gather you: for I wil geue you into a name, and into prayse to al the people of the earth, when I shal conuert your captiuitie before your eyes, saith our Lord.