Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Prophecie of Ionas

Ionas is swallowed by a great fish; 3. prayeth with confidence in God; 11. and the fish casteth him on the drie land.
1. AND our Lord prepared a great fish to swallow done Ionas: and Ionas was in the bellie of the fish three dayes and three nightes.
2. And Ionas prayed to our Lord his God out of the bellie of the fish.
3. And he sayd: I cryed out of my tribulation to our Lord, & he hath heard me: out of the bellie of hel cried I, and thou hast heard my voice.
4. And thou hast cast me forth into the depth in the hart of the sea, and a floud hath compassed me: al thy surges, & thy waues haue passed ouer me.
5. And I sayd: I am cast away from the sight of thine eyes: but yet I shal see thy holie temple againe.
6. The waters haue compassed me euen to the soule: the depth hast inclosed me, the sea hath couered my head.
7. I am descended to the extreme parts of the mountaines: the barres of the earth haue shut me vp for euer: and thou wilt lift vp my life from corruption, ô Lord my God.
8. When my soule was in distresse within me, I remembred our Lord: that my prayer may come to thee vnto thy holie temple.
9. They that kepe vanities in vaine, forsake their mercie.
10. But I in the voice of prayse wil immolate to thee: what thingessoeuer I haue vowed I wil render for saluation to our Lord.
11. And our Lord spake to the fish: and it vomited vp Ionas vpon the drie land.