Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)


1. PUT of Ierusalem the robe of mourning, and of thy vexation: and put on the beautie, and honor of that euerlasting glorie, which thou hast of God.
2. God wil cloath thee with the dublet of iustice, and wil put vpon thy head the mitre of euerlasting honour.
3. For God wil shew his brightnes in thee, which is vnder the heauen.
4. For thy name shal be named of God to theee for euer: The peace of iustice, and honor of pietie.
5. Arise Ierusalem, and stand on high: and looke about toward the East, and see thy children gathered together from the rysing of the sunne to the going downe, in the word of the holie reioycing at the memorie of God.
6. For they went out from thee on foote led by the enimies: but our Lord wil bring them to the exalted into honour as children of the kingdom.
7. For God hath apoynted to humble euerie high mountaine, and euerlasting rockes, and to fil vp valleis to be equal with the earth: that Israel may walke diligently to the honour of God.
8. And the woods also, and euerie tree of sweetnes haue ouershadowed Israel by the commandment of God.
9. For God wil bring Israel with ioyfulnes in the light of his maiestie, with mercie, and iustice, which is of him.