Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)


1. FOR the which thing the Lord our God hath established his word, that he spake to vs, and to our iudges, that haue iudged Israel, and to our kinges, and to our princes, and to al Israel and Iuda:
2. that our Lord might bring vpon vs great euils, which were not done vnder the heauen, as haue bene done in Ierusalem, according to the thinges that are written in the law of Moyses:
3. that a man should eate the flesh of his sonne, and the flesh of his daughter.
4. And he hath geuen them vnder the hand of al the kinges, that are round about vs into reproch, and into desolation among al peoples, into which our Lord hath dispersed vs.
5. And we are made vnderneath, and not aboue: because we haue sinned to the Lord our God, in not obeying his voice.
6. To the Lord our God iustice: but to vs, and to our fathers confusion of face, as is this day.
7. Because our Lord hath spoken vpon vs al these euils, that are come vpon vs:
8. and we haue not besought the face of the Lord our God, to returne euerie one of vs from our most wicked waies.
9. And our Lord hath watched in euils, and hath brought them vpon vs: because our Lord is iust in al his workes, which he hath commanded vs:
10. and we haue not heard his voice to walke in the precepts of our Lord, which he hath geuen before our face.
11. And now o Lord God of Israel, which brought out thy people out of the Land of Ægypt in a strong hand, and in signes, and in wonders, and in thy great strength, and in a mightie arme, and madest thee a name as is this day:
12. we haue sinned, we haue done impiously, we haue dealt vniustly o Lord our God, in al thy iustices.
13. Let thy wrath be turned away from vs: because we are left a few among the nations, where thou hast dispersed vs.
14. Heare o Lord our prayers, and our petitions, and bring vs out for thine owne sake: and grant vs to fynde grace before their face, that haue led vs away:
15. that al the earth may know that thou art the Lord our God, and that thy name is inuocated vpon Israel, and vpon his stocke.
16. Looke o Lord from thy holie house vpon vs, and incline thine eare, and heare vs.
17. Open thine eies, & see: because the dead that are in hel, whose spirite is taken from their bowels, shal not geue honour and iustification to our Lord:
18. but the soule, that is sorowful for the greatnes of euil, and goeth crooked, and weake, and the eyes fayling, and the hungrie soule geueth glorie and iustice to thee their Lord.
19. For not according to the iustices of our fathers doe we powre out prayers, and aske mercie before thy sight o Lord our God:
20. but because thou hast sent thy wrath, and thy furie vpon vs, as thou hast spoken by the hande of thy seruants the prophets, saying:
21. Thus sayth our Lord: Bowe downe your shoulder, & your necke, and doe workes for the king of Babylon: and you shal sitte in the land, which I haue geuen to your fathers.
22. But if you wil not heare the voice of the Lord your God, to worke for the king of Babylon: I wil make you to faile out of the cities of Iuda, and from without Ierusalem,
23. and I wil take from you the voice of mirth, and the voice of ioy, and the voice of the bridegrome, and the voice of the bride, and al the land shal be without foote steppe that inhabite it.
24. And they heard not thy voice, to worke for the king of Babylon: and thou hast established thy wordes, which thou spakest by the handes of thy seruants the prophets, that the bones of our kinges, and of our fathers should be transported out of their place:
25. and behold they are cast forth in the heate of the sunne, and in the frost of the night: and they are dead in verie sore paines, in famine, and by sword, and by casting forth.
26. And hast made the temple, in which thy name was there inuocated, as it is this day, for the iniquitie of the house of Israel, and of the house of Iuda.
27. And thou hast done in vs o Lord our God according to al thy goodnes, and according to al that thy great compassion:
28. as thou spakest by the hand of thy seruant Moyses, in the day, that thou didst command him to write thy law before the children of Israel,
29. saying: If you wil not heare my voice, this great multitude shal be turned into a verie litle one among the Gentiles, whither I wil disperse them:
30. because I know that the people wil not heare me. for it is a people of a stiffe necke: and they shal be conuerted to their hart in the land of their captiuitie:
31. and they shal knowe that I am the Lord their God: and I wil geue them a hart, and they shal vnderstand: and eares, and they shal heare.
32. And they shal praise me in the land of their captiuitie, and shal be mindful of my name.
33. And they shal turne away them selues from their hard backe, and from their malignant workes: because they shal remember the way of their fathers, that sinned against me.
34. And I wil recal them backe into the land, which I sware to their fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Iacob, and they shal haue dominion therof: and I wil multiplie them, and they shal not be lesned.
35. And I wil establish vnto them an other testament euerlasting, that I be their God, and they shal be my people: and I wil no more moue my people, the children of Israel from the land, that I haue geuen them.