Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Epistle of Pavl the Apostle to the Romanes

He proceedeth to make peace between the Christian Gentils and Iewes, 8. with this resolution, that the Iewes vocation is of promise indeed, but the Gentils also of mercie & foretold by the Scriptures. 14. Then drawing to an end, he excuseth himself to the Romanes for writing thus vnto them, 21. hoping now at length to see them, after that he hath been at Heirusalem, 29. Wherevnto also he requesteth their praires.
1. The Epistle vpon the 2. Sunday in Aduent. AND we that are the stronger, must sustaine the infirmities of the weak, & not please our selues.
2. Let euery one of you please his neighbour vnto good, to edification.
3. For, Christ did not please himself, but as it is written: Psa. 68,10. The reproches of them that reproched thee, fel vpon me.
4. For He meaneth al that is written in the old Testament: much more al things written in the new Testament, are for our learning & comfort. what things soeuer haue been written, to our learning they are written: that by the patience and consolation of the Scriptures, we may haue hope.
5. And the God of patience and of comfort giue you to be of one mind one toward another according to Iesvs Christ:
6. that of Vnitie in religion commended. one mind, with one mouth you may glorifie God & the Father of our Lord Iesvs Christ.
7. For the which cause receiue one another; as Christ also hath receiued you vnto the honour of God.
8. For I say Christ Iesvs to haue been Christ did execute his office and ministerie only toward the people of Circumcision, that is, the Iewes. minister of the circumcision for the veritie of God to confirme the promises of the Fathers.
9. But the Gentils to honour God for his mercie, as it is written: Psa. 17,50. Therfore wil I confesse to thee in the Gentils, O Lord, and wil sing to thy name.
10. And againe he said: Deut. 32,43. Reioyce ye Gentils with his people.
11. And againe: Psa. 116,1. Praise al ye Gentils our Lord; and magnifie him al ye peoples.
12. And againe Esaie saith: Isai. 11,10. There shal be the root of Iesse; and he that shal rise vp to rule the Gentils, in him the Gentils shal hope.
13. And the God of hope replenish you with al ioy and peace in beleeuing; that you may abound in hope, and in the vertue of the Holy Ghost.
14. And I my self also, my Brethren, am assured of you, that you also are ful of loue, replenished with al knowledge, so that you are able to admonish one another.
15. But I haue written to you (Brethren) more boldly in part, as it were putting you in remembrance; for the grace which is giuen me of God,
16. to be the minister of Christ Iesvs in the Gentils: sanctifying the Ghospel of God, that the oblation of the Gentils may be made acceptable and sanctified in the Holy Ghost.
17. I haue therfore glorie in Christ Iesvs toward God.
18. For I dare not speake any of those things which Christ worketh not by me for the obedience of the Gentils, by word and deed,
19. in the vertue of signes and wonders, in the vertue of the Holy Ghost: so that from Hierusalem round about vnto Illyricum I haue replenished the Ghospel of Christ.
20. And I haue so preached this Ghospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build vpon another man's foundation;
21. but as it is written: Isai. 52,13. They to whom it hath not been preached of him, shal see, and they that haue not heard, shal vnderstand.
22. For the which cause also I was hindred very much from comming vnto you.
23. But now hauing no longer place in these countries, and hauing a desire to come vnto you these many yeares now passed:
24. when I shal begin to take my iourney into Spaine, I hope that as I passe, I shal see you, and be brought thither of you, if first in part I shal haue enioyed you.
25. Now therfore I wil goe vnto Hierusalem to minister to the He meaneth the holy persons that hauing forsaken al their goods for Christ, were wholy conuerted to serue our Lord with al their mind. S. Hiero. against Vigilantius the Heretike reprehending the almes-giuen to such, as doe the Heretikes also of our time. Saints.
26. For Macedonia and Achaia haue liked wel to make some contribution vpon the poore Saints that are in Hierusalem.
27. For it hath pleased them: and they are their debters. For if the Gentils be made partakers of their spiritual things; they ought also in carnal things to minister vnto them.
28. This therfore when I shal haue accomplished, and signed them this fruit, I wil goe by you into Spaine.
29. And I know that comming to you, I shal come in aboundance of the blessing of Christ.
30. I beseech you therfore Brethren by our Lord Iesvs Christ, and by the charitie of the Holy Ghost, that you In that the Apostle desired to be praied for we may be moued to seeke the same as a great benefit. help me in your praiers for me to God,
31. that I may be deliuered from the infidels that are in Iewrie, and the oblation of my seruice may become acceptable in Hierusalem to the Saints,
32. that I may come to you in ioy by the wil of God, that I may be refreshed with you.
33. And the God of peace be with you al. Amen.