Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)


1. But a little after Lysias the king's procurator, and cousin, and chief over the affairs, being greatly offended with these things, that had happened,
2. having gathered four score thousand, & all the horsemen, came against the Jews, thinking that taking the city, he should make it an habitation for the Gentiles:
3. and he should have the temple to make gain of money, as the rest of the temples of the Gentiles, & every year the priesthood to be sold:
4. never recounting the power of God, but furious in mind, he trusted in the multitude of foot men, and thousands of horsemen, & in four score elephants.
5. And he entered into Jury, and approaching to Bethsura, which was in a narrow place from Jerusalem the space of five furlongs, he expugned that hold.
6. But as Machabeus, and they that were with him, understood that the holds were expugned, they besought our Lord with weeping and tears, and all the multitude together, that he would send a good Angel to the saving of Israel.
7. And Machabeus himself first taking weapons, exhorted the rest together with him, to adventure, and to give aid to their brethren.
8. And when they went forth together with prompt courage, at Jerusalem there appeared going before them an horseman in white clothing, with armour of gold, shaking a spear.
9. Then all they together blessed our merciful Lord, and took great courage: being ready to penetrate not only men, but also most fierce beasts, and walls of iron.
10. They went therefore promptly having an helper from heaven, and our Lord having pity upon them.
11. And like lions running violently upon the enemies, they overthrew of them eleven thousand footmen, and of horsemen a thousand six hundred:
12. and they put to flight all, & very many of them being wounded scaped away naked. Yea and Lysias himself shamefully flying escaped.
13. And because he was not senseless recounting with himself, the diminution made on his side, & understanding the Hebrews to be invincible, because they rested upon the help of the almighty God, he sent unto them:
14. & promised that he would consent to all things, that are just, and that he would force the king to be their friend.
15. And Machabeus granted to Lysias' requests, in all things having respect to the commonwealth and whatsoever Machabeus wrote to Lysias, concerning the Jews, the king granted it.
16. For there were epistles written to the Jews from Lysias, containing this tenure: LYSIAS to the people of the Jews health.
17. John and Absalom that were sent from you, delivering the writings, requested that I would accomplish those things which by them were signified.
18. Therefore whatsoever might be brought to the king I declared unto him: & that which the matters permitted I granted.
19. If therefore you keep fidelity in the affairs & henceforward, also will endeavour to be a cause of doing you good.
20. And concerning the rest, word for word I have given commandment both to these, and to them that are sent of me, to commune with you.
21. Fare ye well. In the year an hundred forty eight, of the month Dioscorus the four and twentieth day.
22. But the king's epistle containing these things: King Antiochus to Lysias his brother, health.
23. Our father being translated amongst the gods, we being willing that they that are in our kingdom should live without trouble, and employ diligence to their own matters,
24. we have heard that the Jews consented not to my father to turn to the rite of the Greeks, but that they would keep their own institution, and therefore that they request us their rites to be granted them.
25. Being therefore desirous that this nation also be quiet, ordaining we have decreed, that the temple be restored unto them, that they might do according to the custom of their ancestors.
26. Thou shalt do well therefore if thou send to them, & give the right hand, that our pleasure being known they may be of good cheer, & look to their own commodities.
27. But to the Jews the king's epistle was in this manner: KING Antiochus to the senate of the Jews, and to the rest of the Jews health.
28. If you fare well, you are so as we would: yea our selves also fare well.
29. Menelaus came to us, saying that you would come down to your country men, that are with us.
30. To them therefore that come & go, until the thirtieth day of the month Xanthicus, we give the right hands of security,
31. that the Jews may use their own meats, & their own laws, as also before: & that none of them by any means suffer molestation for these things, which have been done by ignorance.
32. And we have sent also Menelaus to speak to you.
33. Fare ye well. In the year an hundred forty eight, of the month Xanthicus the fifteenth day.
34. And the Romans also sent an epistle, which is thus: Quintus Memmius, and Titus Manilius legates of the Romans, to the people of the Jews health.
35. Concerning these things which Lysias the king's cousin hath granted you, we also have granted.
36. But touching the things which he thought good to be referred to the king, send ye forthwith some body, conferring diligently among your selves, that we may decree as is convenient for you: for we go to Antioch.
37. And therefore make haste to write again, that we also may know of what mind you are.
38. Fare ye well. In the year an hundred forty eight the fifteenth day of the month Xanthicus.