Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Third Epistle of Saint Iohn the Apostle

He commendeth Gaius, for continuing in the truth, & for susteining or succouring true Preachers, 9 noting Diotrepes for the contrarie, and praising Demetrius.
1. THE Seniour to Gaius the Dearest, whom I loue in truth. 2. My Deerest, concerning al things I make my praier that thou proceed prosperously, and fare wel, as thy soule doth prosperously. 3. I was exceeding glad when the Brethren came, and gaue testimonie to thy truth, euen as thou walkest in truth. 4. Greater thanke haue I not of them, that then I may heare my children doe walke in truth. 5. My Dearest, thou doest faithfully whatsoeuer thou workest on the Brethren, & that vpon strangers. 6. They haue rendred testimonie to thy charitie in the sight of the Church: whom, thou shalt doe wel, bringing on their way in manner worthie of God. 7. For, for his name did they depart, taking nothing of the Gentils. 8. We therfore ought to receiue such: that we may be coadiutours of the truth. 9. I had written perhaps to the Church: but he that loueth to beare primacie among them Diotrepes, doth not receiue vs. 10. For this cause, if I come, I wil aduertise his workes which he doeth: with malicious words chatting against vs. And as though these things suffice him not, neither himself doth receiue the Brethren, and them that doe receiue, he prohibiteth, and casteth out of the Church. 11. My Dearest, doe not imitate euil, but that which is good. He that doeth wel, is of God: he that doeth il hath not seen God. 12. To Demetrius testimonie is giuen of al, and of the truth it-self, yea and we giue testimonie: and thou knowest that our testimonie is true. 13. I had many things to write vnto thee: but I would not by inke and penne write to thee. 14. But I hope forth-with to see thee, and we wil speake mouth to mouth. Peace be to thee. The freinds salute thee. Salute the freinds by name.